My Higher-Self is Calling

The freedom of being is an amazing gift and it is something that I once took for granted. There was a time when I laid dormant in the darkness, but its claws could not hold me much longer. I was building the strength to rise from my knees and raise my head. I am Earth strong and the powers from within me were strengthening. Little did I know I had summoned an inner being from within me that desired to thrive in love and peace. This burning desire was extinguished, and my inner being had fallen to the temptations of sorrow and self-pity.

I realized the temptations of sorrow and self-pity was the claws of darkness holding me in the hole that housed my being. As nerve wrecking as it was I faced my fears and made moves that would forever change my life. Prior to losing myself I was peaceful and I was taught to love. I was taught that violence was not the answer so the path I took to my adulthood required me to go against what I was taught. I was conflicted with my inner being and immediately felt out of place. The essence of my innocence was cleverly stored away and I was reprogrammed. My young mind was filled with mind numbing chants and repetitive vigorous physical actions to provoke muscle memory. I was weaponized.

I stayed in this state of constant stress for so long I did not know of any other way to live. I had forgotten how to feel and how to simply be. I looked in the mirror and did not recognize the person my spirit was housed in. I would scream and no one could hear me. I wanted to be me again, but I felt I was too far gone. So it seemed.

The one thing I am absolutely free in this world is the freedom of the mind. I was free in my own thoughts and I could manifest myself to a new being. I was covered in flames that tried to destroy my very essence, but it could not take me. I would not let it. I awakened to my higher-self and just as I was slipping away I had a moment of clarity. That moment was all I needed. I took advantage of it and I could see a glimpse of who I once was. I saw me.

I saw me and I reached out extending my arm offering my hand as a form of rescue. Although I saw me and I could very well rescue that person who I once was, I realized that person was the person I did not want to be. That person was fooled by the cleverness of the serpent and was hidden away to be forgotten. I did not want to become that again, because I was fooled once, therefore I could be fooled again. I could manifest into stronger and powerful being. A tear had fallen from my eye as I realized what I needed to do; I had to let go. I had to start over and to shed the essence of my old self. Letting go was the moment that empowered me. I was no longer searching for my old self, but I was searching for my higher-self.

My higher-self is calling and I am listening. I am following the path I feel is the path to the peace and love I desire. I revisit the memories of my past, because it reminds me of who I do not want to be. I am keeping myself from repeating my history. I have learned from my mistakes and those mistakes have turned into lessons. The energies of light has attracted me and I believe I am on the right path to my higher-self. My Higher-self is calling.

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