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Break Free and Love!

Good vibes to you reader! I, Ryan Pope of Official Flag of Freedom, am here with you thanks to the amazing heart of Herman Roots of Rooted Kingdom. This one man has changed my life in more ways than thousands of others combined. That's what I want to write to you about today. We all have access to affect someone's life in a positive way. I believe we can all agree that helping others to overcome their troubles is only good and never bad. So what holds us back from taking action and actually devoting a little time to do so? I personally know some things that hold us back, because I've been there. I have been a prisoner of fear and hate for most of my 37 years. I feared embarrassment of being unsuccessful in helping someone. That feeling of unsuccess caused me to hate myself and many others. After many years of this self-torture, I became colder inside and even further away from ever being who I wanted to be.

Thankfully, things changed for me. I watched a YouAreCreators video on YouTube that turned on a switch in my mind like never before. It wasn't the content of the video that woke me up. It was my decision to BELIEVE in what it was explaining. Which was to "Reject all forms of negative energy". Such as fearful thinking and destructive self-talk. I wouldn't let myself finish a thought that did not serve my hearts agenda. This new way of thinking has been 100% beneficial for me in more ways than I will ever have time to write about. What I want you to know is if you break out of your chains of negative energy, you can begin to love yourself and others like never before. When you have an overflowing amount of compassion, you touch other people's lives in the best way.

That's what Herman Roots has done for me. My path of positivty led me to him. Just one of the many benefits I have received since I started this walk. I am Grateful.

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