Creating a New Reality

I am still working towards a better version of myself. Everyday I learn something new and I intend to create a new me and apply the things that I have learned. As I meditate deeply I journey into the realm where the impossible is possible and new opportunities exist. I have learned that my thoughts can manifest a new future as I am constantly growing spiritually. I make mistakes, but I learn from it and I try not to do it again. I use the mistakes I have made as life lessons; I learn from it. I desire to grow and to journey as far as I can.

There are so many life lessons and so many things that I have experienced in my short amount of time that I have roamed this Earth. It seems I have journeyed a life time as the blood has been flowing through my veins for 36 years now, and it is only the beginning for me. As I see the world through a new lens I am open to what I am observing. I desire to learn from what I can and pull the necessary information that will help my reach a higher level of consciousness. I realize that my thoughts alone can drastically change my future. I am meditating to help reach my higher-self and I have been successful in doing so. Mediation has been the key to my success in becoming better than I was yesterday. I can see myself through my mind's eye and when I look in the mirror I no longer shy away for I am proud of who I am and who I am becoming. I am no one, yet I am a powerful being, unlocking the gate to mystical kingdom that is within me.

I have created a new future for myself and now I am living it. I can see my livity and I am in livity. My mind's eye can see the beautiful wonders of life and I embrace the changes that I can manifest through my thoughts. I am creating my future and I embrace the new emotions that arise. I can simply imagine what my future will be and I accept it. I can see my future by replaying the same thought over and over, which will rewire my brain to new emotions, to a new reality, thus a new future. Dispenza (2014) stated, "Once you can embrace that new emotion and you get more excited, you're bathing your body in the neurochemistry that would be present if that future event were actually happening" (p. 106). Neurochemically, the body and mind do not know the difference between having an actual experience or thinking of it, if it is repetitiously rehearsed (Dispenza, 2014). The mind is absolutely powerful and it can create one's new reality.

Each day is wonderful and beautiful. Words cannot express the love I have for life and the appreciation I have for the people in it. If I would have fallen to my desire to stop my beating heart then I would not be in this very moment. It still amazes me how far I have came and the journey I have experienced to get to where I am. I am not ashamed for falling on my knees, it is a reminder of how far I have traveled in this life and it is a reminder of how much I have grown since then. The darkness is no longer over my head. I still make mistakes, but there is no darkness, just the absence of light. My thoughts create my reality.


Dispenza, J. (2014). You Are the Placebo. New York City, New York: Hay House.

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