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There are many belief systems and practices for people to help them reach a higher-consciousness. I do not think any one practice or belief is the better than the other. I believe if someone practices a belief system (common or uncommon), or follows the laws of a religion that helps them to reach a higher state of consciousness in a positive manner than who I am to pass judgment upon them. A higher state of consciousness is good for one's spirit.

Yesterday I wrote about remaining in a state of consciousness and I continually wrote the words "stuck in consciousness" to refer to this constant elevated spiritual state. I chose those words, because I like the placement of it, how it reads, and if one ponders on it, it makes sense. It is remaining in an elevated state of consciousness. Also, "stuck in consciousness" is the name of my band written as "STUCK in Consciousness" or in form of an acronym, simply written as "SIC". I suppose I was attempting to be clever [smiling]. I feel connected to the arrangement of those words "stuck in consciousness", because I desire to be in an elevated state of consciousness connected to a world where there is peace and livity; I am in livity.

During my meditation I clear my mind and realign my energies. I ensure I am in balance and my oneness is whole. I listen as I meditate and I write what I experience or what's comes to me. So, I want to continue writing about livity and a higher-consciousness, in regards to having different beliefs or practices. Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, I do not think there is any one spiritual belief system that is inferior to another. If the religious laws that ones follows help brings that person to an elevated consciousness than he or she must be allowed to explore those realms, free of judgement.

Sometimes I am confronted with judgement of what I believe and how I reach my higher-self so I know what it is like to be judged. I do my best to not impose my belief system or how I practice my spirituality to others. It is a very personal thing and although there are many different types of religions and practices people may have their own special relationship with their higher power, whomever or whatever it may be. There is no right way to get to a higher-consciousness so long as one gets there. No one is inferior to another.

People shall be free to express themselves spiritually. Often times I am asked why I believe what I believe and the answer is simple; My journey led me to where I am at. I found my peace and higher consciousness and although it may not be a common belief (or maybe it is) I am okay with it, because it makes me feel whole. I feel connected and alive. I can feel my heart beat and the best part is I am thankful for my heart beat. I am alive and well. I journeyed long and far to reach this mystical kingdom. This entire time this place of peace was within me. My higher consciousness has brought me to livity and my truth. It is my truth and although it may not be the truth of another, it is simply okay. Be free, be in peace, smile, love and vibrate to a higher consciousness. Higher-Consciousness

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