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Stuck in Consciousness

As I awaken from my sleep to another beautiful day, the sun has not yet risen. I consciously perform the things I need to do to start my day. I am aware that I am freshening up and brushing my teeth. I am conscious of my actions as I get a hot beverage. I make way to my office and prepare it for my meditation. I put in my ear buds and I play instrumental music that is calm and soothing. I take a moment and allow the music to take me on a journey. I consciously breath in deeply, while at the same time squeezing my abdomen, flexing my hip flexors, gluteus maximus, and I am following the energy from my lower abdomen to the top of my crown and outward. I feel the energy move throughout my body and I feel myself stuck in consciousness.

I perform this breathing pattern for three to fives times and some times more to help feel deeper in my meditation. It feels as if I am in a higher consciousness vibrating through the energies surrounding me. I can feel the energetic waves created from my being and I can move throughout. In this realm my matter can occupy the same time and space of other matter. It is an unbelievable feeling to be in this consciousness. I allow myself a couple hours for my meditation so I do not feel rushed, but usually I can get to where I need to be at within minutes and stay there for about 20 to 30 minutes or so. During my meditation I am aware of how I feel and the peacefulness that is there. I am aware of every part and piece of my being. I bring forth emotions that I feel need to be addressed and often times I can find the answers to what I am looking for. I am listening to my inner being, my oneness, and the higher power that I believe in. I am stuck in consciousness.

As I complete my meditation and return to the world I am ready to explore my day. I am excited for what the day may bring me and I am hopeful for a wonderful day. I put it in my mind that I will indeed have a wonderful and phenomenal day. It will be the best day of my life. I am excited for life and I am excited to be able to experience it. The thought that I almost took this opportunity away fro myself is surreal. Life was not always this way for me. I had to journey long and far to get to where I am. I have to confront myself and allow myself to heal. The most important life changing aspect of life was simply to allow myself to be free. I allowed myself to be happy and to wear a smile even when I did not feel like smiling. Over time I was able to rewire my brain and it allow positivity to enter by being. I am stuck in consciousness.

Today I feel deeply connected to my faith. It has led me to travel a path that has allowed my inner strength to rise even when I have fallen. I have fallen many of times, but I get up and continue to move forward and upward. I am prepared for life challenges, yet I do not shy away from the difficulties that may seemingly be obstructing my path. I do my best to be a better version of who I am. I am no one. I am simply a living being journeying throughout this world and I am not defined by my past or any thing. I am no one. I am stuck in consciousness.

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