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New Adventures

As my eyes opened to this beautiful day before the sun rises, I notice the smile on my face. My subconscious mind awakens me in love and positivity. I am thankful and joyous for another day. The gift of life that I have been given is a wonderful journey.

I journeyed many paths and paths that looked familiar has sent me to a familiar place. The familiar place I used to constantly visit was a place that did not serve me. I would find myself unhappy, doubtful of life, and slipping to the feeling of unworthiness.

I realized those familiar paths were familiar, because it was what my reality was. When I took an unfamiliar path I was uncomfortable, but it allowed me to connect with my inner being. Since traveling unfamiliar paths bring forth new experiences, I could finally move away from the familiar dark paths.

For me, traveling the familiar road usually would lead me to the dark place that once kept me. So I decided to travel the path that is unfamiliar. I discovered new opportunities during my unfamiliar travels.

The new opportunities would lead me to journey to other places and learn new things.

I never thought I would be completely happy or be in bliss once again. I thought those days were gone for me. I just had to create a new adventure and new positive moments. The problem was I did not know how to travel an unfamiliar road. Maybe it was fear, the fear of the unknown. Once I realized that the unknown held many positive adventures I am happy to travel it.

New adventures are exciting. I have fallen in love with music once again. I have rediscovered music to be uplifting for me. In fact music has helped me to reach another level to my higher-self. For most of my days I listen to music and when music is not available I create music with my voice. I can hear the notes to my favorite songs in my head. Music makes me happy.

New adventures and the experiences of it has helped me to grow spiritually. There are times when I am confronted with negativity, but I am learning to deal with it as it comes and not allow it to impact my inner being. I try not to think of my past, but sometimes I do to see how far I have traveled. I think back to who I was years ago and I am astonished by the challenges I have overcame and the person who I am today.

There was a time when I did not think I could make it another day. I am sure glad that I am alive to live another day and to be able to experience the new adventures of life. Life is an amazing gift and I look forward to what my next adventure may be. New adventures.

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