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Rise in Your Kingdom

Stress has caused my inner being to become weakened and would also impact my physical being. Living in a state of stress is not healthy mentally and for the physical body. If a person is living in a state of stress the current conditions of living should to be evaluated. The person should take a look at his or her life and find what exact internal and external factors is causing stress. The mind is powerful and can lead a person out of the unnecessary realm of the undesired. Leave stress and rise to a kingdom where one can be free.

I know of stress very well, because I used to live with it for years. It becomes a habitual response to the external factors that life may have thrown at me. I have learned to respond to stress by calming my inner being and channeling my energy. It is as simple as letting go of the stress, because most of the times the things that caused me to be stressed were out of my control. I could not reach it physically, however it is not out of my reach energetically. I hold the power to control how I deal with stress. I have the power to let stress consume my being. I brought the stress into my inner realm and I can definitely make it leave.

Stress will have no room inside my kingdom, because I am filled with peace and love; I am in serenity. I used to allow stress to control me and I would get sick often. My back would hurt and I would get headaches. My breathing would be impacted as anxiety would settle in beyond my walls. I would feel disrupted and irritable. My mind could not focus on what I needed to, because my focus would be on the external factors causing me stress. Stress would leave me tired and drained as my inner being would have fought a losing battle and be left with no defenses. Stress has caused me havoc and led me to rage in an uncertain path that would certainly lead me to being more stressed. Stress absolutely causes more stress.

I used to think sitting on the couch watching television would help me de-stress. I am sure it helped a little bit, but it never got me to the root of my problem. As I would sit and watch television my the stress would not leave, it would lay dormant quietly waiting and planning another attack. For me the only way to properly relieve stress is to address it, find it, and rid it of my inner being. I can accomplish this during meditation. Meditation allows me to be clean of stress and will essentially cleanse me of any impurities that do not belong in my kingdom.

I meditate often throughout the day and for me the most important meditation of the day is the one before the sun rises. I wake up early to ensure I give myself ample amount of time to meditate freely without external factors interrupting my meditation. So, I wake up at 1:00 A.M. to get my first meditation in. It seems super early, but it is worth it. The peacefulness I can bring myself to and de-stressing is important for me so I can operate with a calm mind. If my inner state of being is organized and of peace then the external factors will hold no weight to disrupting me. The peace, joy, and love all start from within and I ensure to get my inner being powerful and calibrated before I take on the world.

Stress keeps a person in survival mode and the body will eventually be worn and weakened. Operating is survival mode is necessary to keep a person alive, but it is not necessary as a daily function. One should only be in survival mode to stay alive and away from danger. Too many instances people have allowed their survival mode to control their sanity for a job they do not even like. I refuse to allow a job or someone to put me in a state of stress. My body cannot heal if I am in a state of stress and I cannot think rationally. Stress can be controlled and it starts with one's inner being. Rise in Your Kingdom.

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