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I live a simple life and I try not to complicate it. I do not involve myself with likes of negativity nor hate. Negativity draws in more negativity and hate does the same. I have been through a negative and hateful path before. I do not wish to travel on that road again. I am a man of peace and spirituality. As I roam this Earth I gravitate to positivity. Positivity calls me and I desire to absorb the wisdom of positivity and to share it among the world to create peace. I want to live in peace. Positivity is a choice.

There is more than enough hate and negativity to go around the world twice over, possibly more. I do not need to add to it. I want to bring forth peace and positivity. I feel the energy within my being and I want to share it. I feel amazing and each day I notice my positivity is growing stronger. There is much external factors to pick at that stimulates negative energy, but it does no good to complain of it. I simply fight against it by not adding to it and sharing my positive energy.

Positivity is contagious and if people came together and do one good deed for one another it can positively impact lives. I remember the kindness people have shown me and I pay it forward by giving positivity to someone else. An act of kindness is simple and effortless. Not only does it make the person receiving it feel good, but the person showing the act of kindness feels good as well. A simple positive thought of kindness can create greatness and greatness shall forever be remembered.

There are many things to be positive about. It just takes a little effort to focus one’s mind off the negativity. Once negativity is in one’s being it can quickly grab a hold of the person and drag him or her deeper. To combat against negativity is as simple as choosing to have one positive thought. When I find myself staring in the eyes of negativity and put a smile on my face and I rebuke its presence.

Positivity is a choice. The choice belongs to the person. Simplicity of positivity is as easy as having a positive thought and the decision to smile. The choice to be happy and in peace is mine. I choose to live a simple and positive live. Positivity is a choice.

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