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Simple Things

I awaken to another glorious day filled with more love and happiness. Love and happiness first starts from within oneself and should be constantly reaffirmed by positive thoughts. I have stopped trying to please others, because it does not serve me. I used to be the type to want to please to fit in with the crowd and to be accepted. As I journey farther into my quantum world I have learned that pleasing others will only deny myself the ability to love me and to ultimately be happy.

The other day my daughter looks at me as we are getting ready to go out. I wanted to take her to the arcade so we can play some games and maybe some air hockey. As we were headed out she saw me and gave me this look of "curiosity". She said to me, "daddy, you don't match" and I responded, "but I am comfortable" so she rolled her eyes playfully, smiled at me, and we went about our day. I realized that I did not match, but I did not care enough to change. I liked what I was wearing. I do not have the best fashion sense, nor do I care to have it. My wife will usually will dress me if there is an important gathering, so I am covered there [laughing]. I was not always a person who dressed horribly.

I used to do things just to please people and as silly as this may read, I remember dressing myself a certain way so I could please people at my school or where I may have been going. I wanted to be accepted for the clothes or shoes I wore. I am not sure if everyone goes through this and no one talks about it or if I was the only one that experienced it. Nevertheless, I am a little bit embarrassed to admit that I would "dress to impress", and I suppose that would be appropriate for a job interview, place of employment, or somewhere society deems necessary to "dress appropriate".

I remember spending $50.00 on a pair of jeans and maybe $170.00 on a pair of shoes. I would only purchase shoes for the style and not the comfort. It blows my mind that I once spent $170.00 on a pair of shoes. As I write the last sentence before this one, it is crazy to me that I would even spend that much on a pair of shoes. I wanted to have the best and "coolest" shoes. Nowadays I typically wear flip flops and hemp shoe type slippers. I stopped caring what people thought and just went for comfort. I remember buying the most expensive pants for the name brand and I would be uncomfortable in it. Now I think back and I am wondering what logic I was using to buy those pants to wear for a few hours just to be uncomfortable.

I like to keep my wardrobe simple, I typically wear cargo shorts and a tank top or maybe a sleeveless shirt. If it is cold outside a plain hoodie will do the trick. I will make exceptions on hoodies and sweaters though, I very much like hockey hoodies of my favorites teams or hoodies displaying some type of musical theme. The less clothes I am wearing the better it is for me. I try to keep it simple.

When I stopped caring of what people thought about me, I freed myself from the need to be accepted. I was enslaved by my own insecurities of a made-up belief that I had to dress or look a certain way. I have not brushed my hair in about 5 months. It is absolutely liberating to be free from societal norms and to do as a please. It is the simple things that keep me feeling free. I realized that once I do things for myself and only for me then I can truly love who I am and be happy. I can create my positive inner world, thus my positivity and happiness will contagiously spread throughout the outer world. I am happy, in love, and free. Simple Things.

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