Positively Aware

I am aware of my thoughts and I am careful of what I think. My thoughts become what I am and can reaffirm what I am doing or how I am living. My thoughts transpose into my written words or speaking words. I do my best to speak positively and up lifting. Some have noticed I refrain from using words that may suggest negativity. I do not wish negativity upon myself or others so I do not use such words. I consciously speak and I am aware of the words I use. My thoughts and words will reaffirm the world I am living in, so I keep my words positive.

I have realized the thoughts I have will reaffirm my state of inner being. I think with a positive mind, which has given me a positive life. I am able to write about my past experiences, because I am no longer that person of the past and I am living in the now. I only look back to see how far I have come and I only look towards my feet to help others up. I have traveled a long journey and I have picked up a few tricks along the way.

I was once in a state of depression and I was one of those that kept my "war stories" to myself. I rarely spoke about it and I rarely spoke about my brother's passing. I would not speak much of my brother or my military experiences and I would forget that I have even went through it. I created a new reality, but instead of replacing it with something positive I sulked in my sorrows and the sadness took me in as the depression put its claws in my back. I was its prisoner.

It took me a while to realize that I have complete control over my situation, because I had accepted that my depression was my life. I was constantly stuck at the bottom of my dark abyss. I was stuck because of how I thought and the words I would use. I would search for answers on how to beat depression, but that kept me in more depression, because it validated my depression and sadness. There were many people who spoke to me and said "tell me what happened" or "tell about your experiences and why you are depressed". Doing so validated the depression I carried over my head. So I stopped speaking to certain people and tried to find another route to heal, because this was obviously not working for me.

I decided to change the way I thought and speak. I realized that I was the one keeping me in the dark abyss. I stopped reaffirming my need and addiction to the feelings of depression. Yes, it is an addiction. Humans are habitual and crave the chemical responses of feelings that are familiar in order to get "the high". For instance, if I am a person who constantly desires the adrenaline rush I would participate in dangerous acts. My body would be conditioned for the adrenaline, thus I would crave it and do what it takes to get the high. It is the same thing and the reason why people are habitual, it is the crave for the chemical responses produced by the body.

I changed my thought process and began to be aware of my thoughts. With almost every thought I had I would be aware of it until it became natural for me to think consciously. This improved my positive inner being, because I was thinking with a positive mind, thus I was speaking with positive words. I replaced words that seemed to be negative with a positive and uplifting word. For example, I do not use the word "understand", I replace "under" with "over" to make the word "overstand". Another examples are the use of word "hello" or "everlasting". The word "hello" contains "hell" and "lo" sounds too much like "low". The word "everlasting" contains the word "last' which suggests one is not first and seems to be contradictory to the intended use of "everlasting", thus the word "everliving" is used is its place. I have had the privilege with speaking with some elders who taught me the conscious way of speaking. I have been practicing this since. Another word that I have recently learned about is "good morning", it sounds just like "mourning" so I will refrain from using this word. I am always looking to elevate to my higher-self and there is always room for improvement.

The idea behind this way of speaking is to ensure one is influenced and saying words of positivity and not words that may trigger a subconscious negative emotion or reality. It takes practice, but it has helped me to reach another level to my higher-self. I am conscious of the things I choose to speak about. I do not need to reaffirm negativity so I try not to speak of it. The body will follow where the mind goes. My mind is of positivity and there is no room for negativity in my yard. I am positively aware.

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