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Today I have awakened to another beautiful day, the sun has not yet risen, but am happy to know that it will. I am happy to know that I my day will be a phenomenal day, because I set it out to be. I have already put in my mind that today will be a great day. I am excited to see what the day will bring me. Since I am always on a journey to learn and experience new things, my days are never redundant. I try not to let any external factors influence my daily thought or actions. I focus what is real and how I feel. The sun shining on my face is real and the sound of my daughter's laugh is real. I will focus on this aspect of life.

Life sometimes can seem redundant, but it may merely be a perception. If life seems redundant and one is unhappy something needs to change. Change keeps life exciting, which is why my journey will be everliving. I used to feel like my days were redundant and my days were predictable. I have not experienced this type of feelings or thoughts in a while. I have been learning to change and to keep my thoughts positively fresh. The perception of the world is with the beholder and if one believes he or she can control the world the world can be controlled.

Often times people can become influenced by external factors such as the media, television, and even music. Music for me, has the most influence. However, the television programs (key word programs) is exactly that, programming to the mind. I used to believe what I heard and saw on television. Of course the media uses television to push its agendas. I often hear television ads of some type of new drug or the most current one, the flu shot. The flu shot is given at most grocery stores with a pharmacy, and I think even some Walmarts will give out flu shots. I would not know, I do not get my flu shot.

I used to believe that I needed the flu shot to keep from getting the flu. I haven not had the flu shot and I feel just fine. In fact, I feel better than ever. People are often influenced by other people. When I am asked if received my flu shot and I tell people "no", the most common response is, I should get it. I honestly do not know what all is in the flu shot or what concoctions of chemicals or healing medicines (or lack there of) are in the flu shot. I do know that there is gelatin in it as well as formaldehyde, which is apparently fine in small doses, but I do not trust injecting that in my body.

I do not worry myself with things that are of man, it is not for me to worry about. I am inspired by the simplistic and satisfying things in life such as my ability to control my inner world. This is key to a happy life. The control of my inner world will impact how I view the outer world. This is why my days are never the same. My days are filled with excitement and joy. Yesterday I received some news that made me a little sad, but after talking with the important people in my life I felt so much better. I might have dwelled on the news I received for about an hour, but that was it. As I type that word an "hour" I realize I wasted an hour of my life on an event that I could not control.

Life is just amazing and I would not want my life any other way. I do not wish to be anybody but me. I do not wish to anywhere but here. I can create my world and soon enough I will get to where I am going, but then it will be time for another journey. I love the life I was given and it is the only one I have. Life.

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