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The Possible Anything

Throughout my journey I have learned many lessons. Everyday I am learning something new as my mind has opened up to the possibilities that anything is possible. My conscious mind is aware of the possibilities, which creates new opportunities. My conscious mind reaffirms my subconscious mind by displaying noticeable actions of my limitless possibilities, thus creating new opportunities.

I am excited for what my future will bring, because life itself is a phenomenal and mystical. One can study an aspect life and spend life finding answers to questions, although some questions will not be answered. Life will pass by effortlessly and the beautiful things in life will be missed. Life lessons are all around if one simply opens his or her eyes.

I try to keep life simple and I try not to complicate my life. Life is too precious and too amazing to focus on one thing. I could miss the wonderful things such as the birds singing as the sun rises or the way the sun feels as it hits my skin. There are many life wonders and many life questions, but sometimes its best just to leave the questions unanswered and enjoy life. The precious moments of life will come if one is patient and learns to enjoy life as it is and not complicate the simple, yet complexity of life. The complexity of life can be overwhelming and sometimes it best just to leave it as it is; a wonder.

I have complicated life by asking questions that had no real answer to. I would ask questions and wonder why I was the victim or why is my world crumbling like this. It was a constant life-loop of sadness and darkness. There was pity in my heart and I wanted my pity to be recognized, although I was speaking to no one. My inner world of chaotic self-torture was exactly that, self- torture. I created my reality by creating my inner reality. My inner reality would become my outer world. I was in chaos. The moment I stopped and began to appreciate life for what it is was the moment my life turned for the better. My perception of my life was the key to a positive life this entire time.

I started enjoying the simple things like being able to walk outside and listen to the birds sing. The constant ringing that is in my ear has softened so I may hear the birds sing to me. The question I could ask myself is did the ringing in my ear soften because my physical ears are healed or did my mind remember the beautiful voices of the birds. I like to think that I am not hearing with my physical ears, but with my senses from my quantum world. It sounds no different. My inner reality becomes the outer reality.

The simple blessings and the acceptance of those simple blessings has ensured a smile on my face. My conscious mind has played into my subconscious, thus my physical actions are no longer influenced by a looped movie real that negatively impacted my very being. I have opened my mind to the possibilities of the possible anything.

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