The Something

In order to manifest a new life with new beginnings one must change his or her ways. Habits are regular practices or tendencies that are difficult to change, because the body is operating as the mind is on autopilot. The subconscious mind must be stimulated by the thinking mind and reprogrammed. The thinking mind must be in control over the body, thus the subconscious mind will follow.

I have written about my habits before and how I have changed it, but I want to touch on it again as I am becoming aware of some things that I need to change. I have habits and I am aware of this. Although my habits are not self-harming, however I will not reach my full potential by allowing my body's muscle memory to habitually act and control my daily actions. In order for me to change and accomplish goals I set for myself, I cannot have the same thought process. If something that I want to happen is not happening it is because I am using the same thoughts and the same feelings. This means something needs to change.

I have been impacted by something recently and it was bothersome to me. This "something" is not a big deal, nor is it relevant to me life. It is actually a good thing, but I am slightly bothered by it. I noticed that I was impacted by it, because I started to have negative feelings and thoughts over it. One thing I have been doing well for my inner being is noticing the somethings that do not serve me. Well this something does not serve and I am aware of it. This something should not impact me the way it has and I plan on changing that. The solution is actually simple. I have been successful in changing my emotions and thought process.

For me, there are a couple steps to my solution and this works for almost anything, to include people and external factors, that I find bothersome. The solution is to be conscious of the particular something or someone that has an impact on me. Once I have established what or who is actually bothering me, I find something positive in the situation or person. I manifest new feelings of positivity and rewire my brain to feel another way. I focus on the good and the positive outcome. I believe in the positive outcome and believe in the change I have made. It is difficult, because my emotions (which are past feelings) want to feel something familiar even though it will cause me grief. This is all habit so I am creating a new habit to impact the something that was once bothersome to me.

Negativity does not serve and although it is perfectly okay to be bothered by something, it will not allow for new growth and new ideas. I must strip away from the negativity and rewire my brain to have a positive outlook. Once negativity enters one's being it can spread like wild fire. I am careful of what I think, because thoughts turn to actions. I change my habitual ways by playing into my need to be habitual. I overstand my habits and basically remove the negativity and replace it with positivity. This has seemingly been working well for me. I always feel much better, but the test will come when I am confronted by this something. I accept challenges and I look forward to defeating negativity once again.

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