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True North

As I opened my eyes this morning from a wonderful night’s rest I am thankful for being alive. I appreciate the air that I breathe and the life that I am living. It is a wonderful feeling to be free from the inner turmoil that once controlled my being. I am thankful for my life.

I have battled with overwhelming inner darkness and I wanted nothing more than to give up. The emptiness I felt had depth deeper than the oceans deepest abyss. After losing my brother in this physical world my inner compass would seemingly have deviated from my True North. I could handle the stresses of the military, but coupled with the absence of my brother has brought me to my knees.

It took me many years to find myself and to reestablish my True North. It was not easy, it seemed easier to give up and let life pass me by. I realized no matter what, time will always continue, and life will go on with or without me. I decided I wanted to be apart of this world and to experience life for what it should be; simply amazing.

I started to adjust my inner compass trying to find my True North. I experienced some deviation, but once I powered forward I was a force to be reckoned with. The claws of darkness could no longer contain me. I had a direction and I could feel the magnetic field pull me. My True North started to become apparent. I had a direction.

I may not have known where I was headed, but I knew I was not going to stay in the darkness with a broken compass. I needed to move towards some type of illumination to be able to read my compass. My voyage out of the darkness turned into a continual journey to my spiritual being. I realized in order for my life to get better I had to change my mindset. I started changing my way of thinking and thought with a positive mind. Even though there were days when I felt defeated I told myself this is the best day ever. The day that seemingly would have been a dark day for me turned into one of my best days ever by simply believing.

I positively changed my life. I am thankful for the life I have and for the opportunity to live another day. Although my journey to get to where I am has been tough, I am thankful for the life lessons. I have grown spiritually and it has positively impacted my life. My outlook on life is with a mindset that I never thought could have been possible. I am a brand new person. I have found my direction. I have found my True North.

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