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Human Kindness: Smile

The act of love to one another is the simplest form of human kindness. People desire the need to be loved and to know that there is someone out there who cares for them. I believe human beings are social in nature and we desire to be with others. The simplest gesture of love is a smile. Smile wholeheartedly and express care for one another. Be kind to one another and spread positivity with a loving gesture, a smile.

The other day I was headed to a coffee shop to get some coffee. I like to get coffee and enjoy it as the sunrises, especially in the autumn season. Something about sipping on coffee and feeling the sun rays touch my skin in cold weather has been an enjoyment of mine. After I finished my coffee, I headed out and I noticed a man sitting outside of the coffee shop.

I smiled at this gentleman and he smiled back. He asked me if I could spare some change for some coffee so he can enjoy it in the warmth of the coffee shop. I replied with a smile “of course”. I checked my watch, because I had a meeting to go to and I wanted to see how much time I have to speak to this man. He seemed to want to engage in a simple conversation with me.

I was going to be late for my meeting, but I wanted to give this him some of my time, because he gave me his. He was ecstatic that he is going to receive a cup of coffee. It made me feel good that he was happy, because of my simple act of kindness. As we are walking into the coffee shop he stated to me he appreciates me getting him coffee. He said it is so cold out and he just wanted to warm up for a bit in the shop. He stated he was afraid that if he was to sit in there without purchasing coffee they would tell him to leave. He mentioned he did not have any money to buy any coffee therefore he could not sit in the shop.

He continued to express his gratitude to me for getting him coffee, because now he can have a place to get warm for a bit. He stated he would typically wait for people to come and park their cars. Once they left to go into the store he would go to the car’s engine and try to get warm as the engine is still giving off heat. I told him that was genius. I told him I appreciate his time as well and I am happy that I was able to have the chance to speak to him for a bit.

I bought him some coffee, food, and water for his journey. He seemed to be very content with the items he was able to obtain. I walked him over to the table and he enjoyed the warmth of the store and the coffee in his hands. I did not know this man, but it seems he has lived a lifetime. He was kind to me and it was a genuine kindness.

I fully realize that he is homeless and I know there are some who refuse to help out those who are unfortunate. I know there is a misconception that all people who are homeless choose to live that lifestyle, because of their life decisions. However, even if this were true who I am to pass judgment on one’s choice of lifestyle. They are still people and still deserve to be shown human kindness.

I never know one’s journey and maybe something happened to where life became too much for a person. The gesture of a smile is an act of human kindness and can change one person’s day. One smile can lead to a positive moment in allowing people to connect energetically in positive frequencies. Life is beautiful and love is how people can express their care for one another. The smallest form of human kindness can change the lives of many. Human Kindness.

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