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Beautiful Me

A few years ago I was overweight and fighting my depression. I did the best I could to be happy, but I had this cloud over my head. I felt sorry for myself and I continued to sulk in my sorrows. I was just climbing from rock bottom and then I noticed a pea size skin discoloration on my forehead.

In 2014 I was out in the summer sun and I was not wearing a hat to protect myself from the sun's ray. I was not paying attention to the amount of time I spent in the sun and my forehead became sunburnt. I have a natural tan to my skin tone so the sunburn was not too bad. My skin turned a bit red and that was about the extent of my sun burn. My skin pealed on my forehead and I noticed a pea size white spot on my head. At the time I did not think nothing of it.

A few weeks went by and the small pea size white spot on my forehead turned into the size of a quarter. I thought it was simply skin discoloration from the peeled skin that was damaged by the sun. The more time passed and the discoloration on my forehead became larger. I started noticing discoloration in my left eyebrow. It started to turn white on the inside corner of my left brow. Pretty soon almost 99% of my eyebrow had turned white.

I wanted to get an opinion of a dermatologist so I made an appointment. Come to find out I have vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes the loss of skin color. Seemingly in a blink of an eye the small pea size discoloration on my forehead occupied most of the left side of my forehead from my hairline to my left eyelid. Ironically it almost resembles the shape of the state of California.

People would stare at my face and even make fun of me. People would call me “Rogue” referencing the X-Men character. I suppose that is not so bad, it is pretty cool to be a superhero. I think the comment was supposed to be offensive since “Rogue” is a female. Besides being made fun of, some people thought I even dyed my eyebrow as a fashion statement. I was ridiculed for dying my eyebrow, assuming I dyed it.

I was ridiculed over my eyebrow and face and I became self-conscious. I went as far as dying my eyebrow every two weeks or so to appear normal. I felt like people would stare at my forehead and sometimes I would get asked what happened to my face. I would make up something like “it’s a sunburn” and usually that will do the trick to get the attention off of my face. I used to be angry that my face and eyebrow would look the way it did. However, I came to peace with it as i journeyed further to my higher-self.

It came to the point where I am no longer bothered by my vitiligo and now I see it as beautiful. It is me and I accept who I am. I love how I look and I love my skin. I come to love my white haired eyebrow and the lack of pigment on my face that looks like California.

As I journey to my higher-self I have fallen in love with everything that I am. My skin is beautiful and my vitiligo is a part of me. It is the beautiful me.

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