I have found a place where I am free. I am free from external loudness and chaos. The commotion that would once impact my internal being causing turmoil no longer effects me. I have discovered my own safe space.

With all the external loudness that may surround me there must be a place of peace. I have found my place of peace in my meditation. I can go to this place by summoning my inner being’s energies and powers.

I can place my mind in a place where it is peaceful. In my state of peace there is no clutter or chatter. I can turn off the existing world that surrounds me and go to my place of Livity. I am in space.

Sometimes the world outside of my peaceful confines can be too much to handle as I feel the negative energies attempting to infiltrate my inner being. I am familiar with negativity as I have danced with it a time or two. I recognize the negativity that surrounds my compound and I am ready to battle if I need to. This is not a spiritual war, but merely a battle to resist the urge to take the bait of negativity.

Once negativity is allowed into the safe place of my compound then I shall be weakened and my peace will be jeopardized. There is no reason to respond to a negative action with a negative action. It will create more negativity and implode before it explodes. I am a man of peace and my inner space is my safe compound.

I have found serenity in my meditations and I have effortlessly energized my being. I am powerful and I discovered the powers that are within me. I am my place of peace and I am at ease. The loudness dissipates and the calm enters my realm. It is a safe place. It is my safe space.

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