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Silhouette of a Warrior

Today I awakened to another beautiful day. I opened my eyes from my sleep and I said to myself I am blessed with life. As soon as I finished my daily motivational comment to myself I went and freshened up. I walked to my kitchen and drank some water. After my little drink of water I made me a freshly squeezed lemon water with turmeric. As I drank it I felt blessed for the nourishment I am receiving from my daily waking concoction drink. I walked to my office and I dimmed my lights overhead. I began my meditation. How I felt after and how I am still feeling now is astonishing.

During my meditation I was experiencing this intoxicating feeling (in a good way). It feels like a natural high and even now the feeling is still with me. I journeyed deep into my meditation so I took advantage of it. I elevated my emotions of pride, because sometimes I am too prideful and I subconsciously summons feeling of my past emotions that do not serve me. Having pride is a good thing when it is done at the right place and time. For example, I am prideful when I see my daughter, during her cheer sessions, accomplish a move she has been working hard on. This is a good pride.

On the flip side, sometimes I am prideful which leads me through a path I do not want to take. For example, when I used to be a "fighter" (I used to train in mixed martial arts) I was known for my strength and my skillset as a wrestler. The gym would have practical application training periods, known as "rolling" (it is like a friendly freestyle competition). I would often times be too prideful. I was known as the strong and skilled athlete, so when I submitted to my opponent, due to an extremity (arm or leg) manipulation lock applied on me, my pride would be hurt and I would become upset. Although I would not show it, because it is inappropriate sportsman-like conduct, my inner being would be raging.

This is the type of pride that does not serve me and sometimes the pride I have during competitions are overbearing. So during my meditation, I brought forth these feelings to rid it and turn it to positive energy. I have not experienced this type of pride in a long time, however I still want to ensure I will not fall short because of it. As I was summoning these feelings of pride I saw a silhouette of a warrior. It was amazing, because I take it as a sign that I am on the right path. After I examined the pride that may have laid dormant within me I began to feel a positive sense of pride. I felt honored.

The more I journey and the more I humble myself I feel empowered. I am proud that I am not the man that once was filled with hate and anger. The silhouette that I seen during my meditation had on armor and I felt a sense of purity and peace. Although the silhouette looks appeared to be powerful and weaponized I could sense he is peaceful. I could sense that the silhouette of the warrior wanted no harm to come to me, but wanted to protect me. I was astonished by what I realized. I realized the silhouette of the warrior was me. Silhouette of a Warrior.

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