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The Powerful Mind

The human mind is powerful and it is limitless. If the mind has no boundaries then there is nothing defining its abilities, thus it is capable of anything at any time and any where. The mind is capable of the extra ordinary.

I once believed that I was an average person living an average life. I was limited by my own definitions of my capabilities and abilities. I was convinced I was simply a human being capable of the average. I lived and operated in emotions not knowing that my body was in control of my life and my mind was following.

There were many of instances where I would not remember how I got through the day. I could not remember what happened. I remembered being at a certain place, but I could not remember the details. It was like I was zoned out and my body would take over and complete the task. My subconscious mind had pre-wired me to keep my going. I started to notice this was prevalent during my commute to work. I remember getting in the car and driving off, but then in a blink of an eye I was at work. It became obvious that my body was in control of my life and not me.

I realized that my body and subconscious mind were protecting me from myself. At the time, I was depressed and I had a deep pain in my heart. I felt alone and hopeless. So, to keep my mind off of it my body would be in the driver seat and my subconscious would be the passenger. It is the fight or flight response that is ingrained as a survival function. My body was flooded with survival hormones to protect me from danger. My mind even protected me from myself, otherwise my mind would shut my body off. The body wants to live and has the ability to take over. It is like a reflex or muscle memory. I was definitely not the captain of my ship. I realized what was happening and I decided to take back my life and to be in complete control.

I started to do things differently. I started consciously living versus living on autopilot. I paid attention to everything I was doing. I would notice and take note when my body wanted to take over, but I fought the urge. All this was due to living in a state of past emotions. I was not living in the now. My mind was stuck in a specific time. I spent so much of my mental focus being in high alert that my body knew nothing else, but to be in survival mode. I lived like this long enough for it to be a normal operating system for me.

It took me a long time to get to where I am at and my journey was not easy. I had to confront many of the things that led me to my depression. With one foot in front of the other I continued to advance forward taking control of my life. My mind had been ignited and I am finally in the driver seat.

This journey has awakened me and I see the world differently. My mind is powerful and I realize that. Since my mind is powerful enough to empower and set forth specific survival instructions to my subconscious I should be powerful enough to manifest a new life of positivity and control. I did just that. I manifested new power and created a new life for me. I have awakened and I am unlocking the powers of my mind. I fully intend to continue my journey unlocking the full potential of my brain. The powerful mind.

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