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Self-Worth: Achieve Your Greatness

This morning I awakened with a smile on my face and I am grateful to be alive. Life is gift and I have every intention to make the best out of it. I awakened today feeling amazing and having a sense of achievement.

The day before yesterday my vibes were off a bit, because I visited a past moment in my life that was difficult. November has been a month that I used to subconsciously associate with negative memories. I feel like I turned over a new leaf yesterday. Today I feel much better and although the achievement may seem like a small one, it is an achievement nonetheless. It is a step in the right direction, which will lead to bigger accomplishments. I try not to put a gauge on achievement(s), whether it be from me or from someone else. For me an achievement is an achievement. A small achievement may lead to something greater and may create new opportunities. Achievement(s) are opinions and it is subjective.

I am on a journey to my higher-self and I journey fiercely. I spent enough of my life wasted away sulking in my sorrows and now it is my time for me to rise. I deserve happiness just as every human being walking this Earth does. Humans are meant to be in unity and in happiness with one another, not in chaos. Negativity impacts a person and a person can impact a community. A Community can impact a city and a city can impact a state, so on and so forth. It is important that we uplift one another so positivity may thrive. A positive mind leads to a positive life. Positivity is contagious and to thrive in positivity people must see their worth. Self-worth is an important aspect of growth.

I have achieved a level of greatness from living in a deep abyss of sadness to fighting my way out. I always find another way to expand my achievements. I began writing a few months ago and I am an "all in or nothing" type of guy. I have been writing every day since I started and it is fulfilling. Writing happens to be something that I never thought I would get into, but here I am [smiling]. I write about personal experiences and often about ways that has helped me to achieve the next level to my higher-self. Writing has been a phenomenal bridge to obtain serenity, which led me to another unforeseen achievement. I challenged myself to experience the unknown and the unknown has proven to allow to be limitless.

The unexplored territory of the mind is the unknown and only there one will achieve greatness. As I stated before in other blogs, the unknown allows for one to create new opportunities. I challenge myself to explore the unknown and create new opportunities. Writing is one of those opportunities. It is an opportunity to take my thoughts and it create into something tangible. Writing has been liberating to me, because I explore the unknown territories of my mind that I may have once shied away from due to fear.

I have achieved greatness and my greatness is subjective to how I perceive it. This sense of accomplishment shall lead to greater things. I hope to leave a positive impacting mark in this world so the generation after me may live in peace and harmony just as we should. As I journey through life I am writing a story. My story is of positivity and exploring the unknown. I shall achieve greatness. I am worthy of it, and who ever is reading this, so are you. You are worthy of greatness. Open your mind to new opportunities and achieve the impossible. Achieve Your Greatness.

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