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Lion's Roar

I awaken to another beautiful day and I am blessed for my consciousness. Being alive and to be aware in the moment is an extraordinary feeling. The closer I become to my higher-self, the less material things I desire. I desire the power to think freely and to live in the now. I came so close to losing my life on more than a few occasions and I am here, alive, and well. I am in love with life.

I have this overwhelming feeling of love; it is the love for myself, others and simply being alive. Sure, having brand new Fender Stratocastors guitars in every color hanged on my wall would be awesome, but the truth is, I would not trade it for the level of consciousness I have. To be awake and free from a world of hate and anger is priceless. I am thankful for being in the moment, because I have witnessed the story of my past too many times over and over. It was like a movie clip on repeat, the thoughts and images of my past life would be on constant replay. It is time I arise from the depths of the abyss I put myself in, surrender to the peace within, and allow myself to be happy.

The experiences I lived through that led me to the dark abyss where it would be my home for years to come, would stem from my mind shutting off and allowing my body to be in control. I did not have a mind, body, and spiritual connection; I was disconnected. My mind was in awake, however my conscious mind laid dormant awaiting for me to unleash its true powers so I may become superhuman.

I realized that I was not in control of any aspects of my life, because I was living in the past. I was constantly reminded by the emotions that would cause me hate and fear. I operated in my daily life in the survival mode of fear, hate and anger. This is why I could not completely be free. I was living in past emotions which were typically survival emotions. Survival emotions were addicting to me, it was all I new how to do and it gave me a sense of some type of feeling. It was put in my head that pain lets me know I am alive. Although it was the wrong type of alive, but nevertheless I was alive. It was difficult for me to change my thought process and it took time to awaken the lion within me.

The first steps to healing my mind and taking control of my life was recognizing that I am the one who is residing in my place of darkness. Although it was a difficult journey and I constantly failed, I continued to try and find my way out of the darkness. I changed my mind set. I started meditating and I healed myself. I healed and moved forward from the darkness by confronting my true self. Instead of sitting in the darkness I helped my self by no longer being the victim to my own harm. I realized that I have been victimizing myself and I have the power to change that. It is a long and difficult journey, because the mind is absolutely powerful. I had to break through the chains that shackled me to the walls that were created by my mind.

The moment when I allowed myself to become unshackled, the lion within me roared, and I fought my way to light. I walked with the lion until I became the lion. I realized darkness is nothing more than the absent of light. I realized I created my world absent of light and I can bring forth my light. I created my new world and it translated to the world outside of the quantum world. What I do in the quantum world positively impacts the world on the other side. As I moved and journeyed through the world that is limitless, I learned more about myself. I posses great powers to heal. I am the keeper of my world. I hold the key to unleash the lion from the cage. I am the lion.

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