New Chapter

Last week seemed like a long and difficult path. It was filled with obstacles that challenged my inner peace and I struggled to stay afloat. I battled some overwhelming instances and felt bombarded with negativity. This week however is quite the opposite as it is filled with positivity and the absence of negativity, so it seems. This must be a new is a new chapter.

Last week had me battling against negative forces and did not seem to slow itself. It was like a constant battle and as soon as I was named champion over one another followed. It was tiring and I felt drained as the sun began to set. I realized that those battles made me stronger and more agile. It taught me to go deeper into my meditation and search for answers to questions that I thought did not need answering. I journeyed last week and I earned my way up to the next rung of my higher-self.

This week I am full of energy and I was able to decipher hidden messages that the universe was sending me. Yesterday I spoke to my best friend, not surprisingly, because we speak everyday, but this was different. He said something to me that stuck with me in my head. He said (paraphrasing) that me and him overreact often, because we are overly sensitive. He did not mean this in a sense of we easily get our feelings hurt, but he meant it in a sense of sensitive to the surrounding energies put forth by others or the energetic surroundings. Ever since I was small I always had this ability to feel and decipher people's energies, whether near of far. It is like a truth reader. A person may say one thing to prevent me from uncovering the hidden message, but energies do not lie. I will get more into this in another blog.

When my best friend reminded me that I was overly sensitive and I am frustrated, because I am reading too deep into the energy instead of taking the spoken or written message for face value. It is like the person is saying one thing, but actions reveal another meaning. This at times, causes confusion to me as I am receiving conflicting messages. I see his point though, I cannot assume the negative energy, portraying from the person, was intended for me, it may have been caused by another aspect in the person's life. This makes total sense to me. After this conversation with my buddy, it was like everything from the struggles I endured from last week, to the positive week I am having now came full circle.

I realize that I needed to go through last weeks challenges to prepare me for upcoming battles with negativity. I learned much from the journey I took. I overstand I am quick to find answers versus letting the situation ride and be at internal peace with all things. This week I am at peace and it reflects to what energies is coming back to me. I put forth positive energy with a calm mind and I shall receive calming energy. This is a new chapter.

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