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Energy Alignment

This week has felt longer than most weeks. The days felt longer and I was more tired than usual after my day was complete. I did not feel tired in a physical sense, but I felt energetically drained. It was like my inner being would be spent after my day had been completed. I meditate each morning, align my energies, and prepare for a positive day. I could not figure out why I have been feeling extremely internally exhausted at the completion of my work days this entire week, until now. It came to me today during meditation. I am relieved that I was able to address it before it would manifest itself into negativity.

As I write this I have a smile on my face. This work week has seemingly been a long one and I have overcame an internal battle. As I have mentioned before I consciously do certain things to begin my day to ensure I have the best, positive, and productive day as I can. I wake up and I am thankful for another day. After I wake up I put a smile on my face, I go to my office to meditate, then I read a book, and write just as I am doing now. I feel most inspired after I meditate. After I do all this I feel ready to take on the world. Well, after I did all this today I realized that I was carrying around extra weight on my shoulders that was not necessary.

I have been subconsciously putting my energy into the prediction of what may happen if I encounter a certain person in unwritten future events. I have been subconsciously thinking of what I would do if this person did this or that to me. Basically, I was preparing for the worse case scenario if I was confronted by a certain individual in a negative manner again. I have been spending my energy on something that has not occurred and will probably not occur. I subconsciously was defending myself, holding a [metaphoric] shield of energy when and if I would come across a certain individual. During my meditation I examined my energies and called to an elevated emotion of anger just to ensure there was nothing hidden in there. I found it.

I had not completely forgiven this person who had done wrong against me. I am not saying that I wish any negativity to come upon this person, but there were traces of the emotions of anger against this person. That is not good. I meditated on this and I let it go. I forgive this person and I free myself of anger. Anger does not serve me and it is not of light.

After I let this anger go, I felt better immediately. I had a noticeable headache for the past couple days, which started on Thursday around 1:00 PM and has ceased immediately after my meditation today. I am amazed the powers I possess and the power of my mind. I feel amazing at this very moment.

I cannot control how people treat me, but I can control how I react to the situation and how I feel. I felt a bit off the mark this work week and I am happy to have realized what it was. Elevated emotions of past incidents does not serve me

. Even a little elevated emotion of anger can disrupt one's peace. My inner peace was jeopardized by my own internal emotions. I confronted my emotions and realigned my energetic being. My energy is in alignment.

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