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The Gift of Consciousness

I spent years in a state of self-destruction and never felt worthy for much of anything. I created this limitation in my mind that clearly defined my capabilities. The limitation I set forth also limited the opportunities I would have received. I remained in a state of self-destruction and worthlessness. I felt unworthy and did not value the true power and gift that was created within me. The gift of consciousness.

For years I spent sulking in my own darkness that I created. I spent years shackled to the walls of my own prison. I imprisoned myself to limiting boundaries and during my time of my own imprisonment, it never occurred to me that I had the key and the power to set myself free. I spent so many years accepting the evil around me, which eventually would consume me in forms of anger and hate. I figured it was payment for the evil I have committed upon others. At that point I accepted my fate and that was my life. My punishment was a dark cloud over my head, my capabilities limited by the laws set forth from my punishment. I was a sheep to my own slavery and darkness was my shepherd.

This was my truth for years to come. It was not until I became aware that I was the one holding myself as a prisoner. I created these walls and shackles, so that means I can definitely destroy it. I took it upon my self to test the steel door that led to my freedom. It appeared to be locked and unbreakable and from looking at the door to my freedom so many times, I never felt worthy enough to push on it. I decided to push on the door to my freedom and it opened effortlessly. None of it was real. I have imprisoned myself for years not knowing I could have walked out at any time. I walked out moving forward and only looked back to see how far I came.

I awakened and became conscious of my true powers. I am limitless. This gift was instilled in me since day one. The Old Testament states “And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.” (King James Version; Genesis Chapter 3, Verse 7).

My consciousness is true freedom. I awakened to my higher-self and I see that I was self-limiting. I created barriers that defined my powers. I have awakened to my higher-self and I see my self-worth. I no longer define my limitations. I have the power to create any life that I want. I choose a life of positivity, love, and freedom. I am free and I rule my own Kingdom. I accepted my gift of consciousness and I have awakened.

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