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Lion's Pride

Today is my brother's birthday. His physical being would be 37 years of age from the day he took his first breath in October 14th, 1981. He came from my mother's womb where he shared the same heartbeat, blood, and energy as her; he is my mother and my mother is him. My father, the protector of his pride, who watchfully stands guard, clearing the path of uncertainty to ensure the safety of his cubs. This message is for my mother and father.

Mom, just as you shared the same heartbeat, blood and energy as my brother, you did so with me. I am you and you are me. His physical being is no longer, but his energy has remained and became part of the realm beyond our physical senses. I do not want you to think negative of this day and the impacts it had when his physical being was taken beyond the physical world, but I want you to think of the day he took his first breath. He taught you how to be a mother and made you the wonderful woman that you are today. Since I am you and you are me and he is you and you are him, I believe we will have an energetic bond that is beyond the five physical senses. I may not call you everyday, but I think of you often and I send my positive energy to you.

To the man I call my dad, since my brother's physical being is no longer here, I know this day of his first breath 37 years ago is not easy for you as well. I am a father too and I cannot imagine the experience of losing a member of my pride. Just as you stand guard overlooking your kingdom, I am now looking over mine. You taught me to be a protector, because I watched you maneuver through evil forces. You stand behind your pride keeping a watchful eye to intervene evil. Between you and my mother, it is what kept my brother and I alive in the physical world. Dad, you did well protecting us and I honor you for the sacrifices you made for us.

Mom and dad, in the world where the five physical senses are relevant, it was you [mom and dad] who guided my brother and I through the uncertainty. In the world where the physical senses are irrelevant, it is the journey of the individual. Our energies are in the world beyond the physical senses which are unseen by the human physical eye and unfelt from the physical touch. My brother is there in the realm that is beyond the known. I love you Mom and Dad. I send you positive energy from the realm that is the unknown. Close your eyes, open your eye that is not of the physical sense, and see my brother's face. See his first breath and feel the energy that is around for his energy is everywhere.

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