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Warrior of Light

Yesterday I was faced with a person displaying negative actions. It is inevitable to avoid people who are acting negatively, because negativity exist. Whether purposely or not, people caught in the claws of negativity may drag attempt to drag me into their realm. I recognize the negative energy and the actions put forth to bring me into their realm, however my armor protects me.

It is inevitable to avoid people living with negative energy, so I accept that they exist and are out there. It can be difficult to accept it, however it is not the person, it is their actions. It is easy for me to be upset at the person and to pass on the same energy and treatment as the person would show me, but I am of light. I am accepted my role and I am going to fulfill my covenant as a warrior of light. I shall wish no harm or negativity upon a person or people. There is no hate in my yard.

I believe we are all made of light as we are all created in the likeness of our Almighty. Sometimes people lose their way, just as I had before. We all they need a little help from time to time. It is not the person, it is his or her actions. Another way I look at it is, especially when it comes to another human being, there is no darkness just the absent of light. To me this is powerful, because it means there is no evil in any of us. We are conscious beings and free to make choices. It is someone's choice to be a to live in to display negativity or to portray hateful actions. It does not make him or her evil, it makes them just as human as me.

I firmly believe that Jah [God, Yahweh, Jehovah, The Almighty, Shaddai] is in everyone of us. So with this knowledge for me to hate or curse someone else I would be cursing my creator. I am in no position to pass on hate to another living being.

People who portray negative actions or who have shown me negativity is simply just an action on their part and I should not take it personally. With my beliefs it is important for to me to forgive actions of negativity as it is simply an action and not a definition of the person. I am a warrior of light.

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