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Higher Consciousness

As I journey further into my meditation I am feeling more of an internal oneness, which is translating to my external reality. My internal oneness is my spiritualness and how I view, not see (seeing is implying that I am using my physical sense of sight), my spirituality and being as a whole. My external reality would be how I view the world using my five physical senses. I am raising my awareness to my higher consciousness.

In my meditation I can move fluidly through time and space. My eyes are closed and my focus is on my internal being. Once I open my eyes the multiverse realm of my oneness is bounced back to the physical world where the physical senses are applied to consume the information around me. I feel I have a deeper overstanding of my internal oneness and I am able to remain in my multiverse of my higher consciousness. I must accept there are no boundaries limiting my multiverse.

As I journey I am no longer bothered by things or actions of others that would have once bothered me, because I am not using my physical sense of seeing. My mind is of positivity and light. I can feel the positive energy radiate through me and as I become aware of my higher consciousness, the linear world I once knew no longer holds value to my internal oneness. I am not impacted by the negativity of others. This journey has led me to deeper meditations and a higher conscious awakening. It seems unreal of the level of energy in the multiverse realm, but I accept that all things are possible in a world of the unknown.

The known world of reality where everything is written in black and white. Rules are the rules and laws are the laws. Those common rules and laws of reality of what is supposed to happen and what will happen has kept me from reaching my higher consciousness and my spiritual oneness. In this multiverse realm, there is the unknown and the impossible become the possible.

My higher level of consciousness and entering into a multiverse where things in the material world do not exist, only time-space, energy and light are present. The answers to my questions are beyond my overstanding and I completely accept that at this moment I cannot completely comprehend the world beyond the physical borders. The answers to my questions are answered in the realm where time and space exist. I am raising my higher consciousness.