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I Gave Up: A Life Lesson

We have all heard the phrase before "practice makes perfect". I do not think I will ever be close to perfecting anything, but I do believe I can practice to enhance my skills on something. I practice playing my guitar almost everyday. I run through music scales, barre chords, and open chords. I practice chord transition so I can change from one chord to the other fluidly. I am decent on my guitar playing. I also take time to play the piano. However I lack the skillset necessary to play on a full range piano or an 88-key keyboard. There are certain skills a person must have to effortlessly move through each octave. I decided to hone my skills as pianist.

Music is a form of artistic expression. I enjoy playing music, the sounds I can create from an instrument by arranging specific notes to make the desired sound. I express myself through music and I find music to relax me as the vibrations or the sound waves created from the instrument moves through time and space, I feel the frequency created by the instruments and I can move with it through time and space defying the laws of physical matter. Its a feeling of freedom. Music is important to me as it allows me to express myself freely and to become more than physical matter. I share space with the frequencies created by the musical notations.

I play my guitar well enough to accomplish the things I need to, however I am constantly practicing my skill. I pick up my guitar to play it often, even if it is for a few minutes. When the wife and I binge watch a series on Netflix I play my guitar and practice some scales. I practice everyday. I recently decided I need to hone my skills as a pianist. I am good enough to play what I need to, however I do not have the skillset to move fluidly through each octave on the full scale piano.

I go to music school / lessons every week. My teacher is talented in music, she overstands the concepts of musical theory and can apply it. She is talented in singing, guitar, piano, and I am sure a plethora of other instruments. For the most part, she teaches me music theory, vocals, guitar, and some piano. I say some piano because about a year ago, I wanted to enhance my skillset as a piano player, but I gave up after a month or so. I became too difficult for me. I can play the piano and I overstand the theory of it, however I do not play efficiently. I felt defeated, because I could not play as well as I wanted to. I am used to playing only a few octaves and a solo on my right hand then move to my left hand. I can play with both hands at the same time, but not as well as I would like. So I gave up.

I recently decided that I needed to get back in learning the techniques and skills to play the piano efficiently no matter how difficult it may be. I am not going to give up this time. I realized that I will remain at the same skillset if I do not confront my difficult challenges head on. I decided I will practice the piano and give 100% effort as I would in my guitar. I realized something too, it is a little embarrassing to write, but I am going to write it. My pride was hurt from not being able to play the piano as well as I wanted to. I want to play the piano as well as I play the guitar. I fully realize that without practice I will not be able to achieve the skillset necessary to play a fulls scale piano. I will not be able to enhance my skills as a pianist. Lat week I started I my piano lessons with my teacher again. I have full intentions of sticking to it and committing. I have the character traits of determination to not give up. I am determined to enhance my skillset as a piano player.

I gave up and I realized that I only gave up on myself. When things got tough, I shied away and did something I was good at to feel better about myself. I can be great at one thing and not the other, but the point is to not give up. This is true for all aspects of life to include my journey to my higher-self. In order for me to continue my journey I must take responsibility and hold myself accountable. I gave up on piano playing, because it was difficult. I gave up on myself. Never again though. Piano playing is tied to my journey to my higher-self as it is a path I must take to enhance my being. I am of light and I accept the light to become one and move freely in time and space. I will not give up.