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Awakening to the Unknown

Awakening from the comfort of my past and the known to the unknown is frightening. All I once knew was pain and darkness. I knew of nothing else. Although the place I once knew was dark and lonely, I knew it and I knew what to expect. It was not until I awakened to the unknown where I would find opportunities and endless possibilities. I awakened to my higher-self.

Yes, it is scary to think of change and I once held my self back from it. I was comfortable even though I was filled with hate, anger, and sadness. My blog from October 7, 2018, titled "Living in the Present", I wrote about the impacts of living in the past. I want to write more about it as I believe it is important to overstand what it means to live in the past. As I stated in "Living in the Present" blog post, living in the past of negative memories are nothing more than emotions of familiarity, If one would spend his or her life in emotions of familiarity that were of negativity then that person would remain stagnant in that place.

A person will remain stagnant so long as he or she remains living in emotions from the past. New emotions cannot thrive and new experiences will never be. Think of it this way; Get a drinking cup and fill it with water to the very edge, almost to the point of overflowing. The cup will represent you and the water in the cup will represent your inner being. As you can see the water that is in the cup is taking up space allowing no room for more water. If you tried to fill the cup with more water, it would just over flow and spill. If you emptied the cup of water, then new water can be filled in to the cup. Think of your higher-self that way. Always allow room for growth by emptying your cup.

It is frightening to step towards the unknown, but if you do not you will remain stagnant in the place where are are. The unknown means new opportunities and unlimited possibilities. Open your mind to a new life. A negative experience of your past is your past, leave it there as it does not serve you. Life is incredible and full of new beginnings. Simply allow yourself to thrive in life. Awaken to the unknown.

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