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Author of Your Own Book

If someone told me five years ago I would be a small-business owner, musician, blogger, a spiritual person, and extremely happy in all aspects of my life I would have been in disbelief and almost mocked the information that was given to me. Years ago I was incapable of living in the present as I was stuck in the past. My past was ultimately keeping me in a stagnant linear world, where everything was black and white; my world was absent of color. Today my world is beyond what it only seen by the naked eye. The journey I have traveled to be where I am today was not easy. Before I began my journey to my higher-self I had already pre-written and wired my brain to be unhappy, angry, hateful, and not enjoying life. My mindset had ultimately written my future. I was destined to continue to be unhappy and possibly not walking this Earth. I was living in my past. My present was my past and laid stagnant in my pool of sorrow and hate. My energy was off and I was unbalanced. I had no direction, because my past was keeping me from moving forward. If I was able to move forward it would have been limited, because I had an anchored chain connected to my ankle. My family was impacted by my low energy and negativity. I almost lost my family due to my constant negative being. I was broken in pieces and no matter how hard my wife would try to put me together; I kept her from doing so. No one could fix me. I shackled myself to the walls and floor of my own prison. Finally the day would come, my life took a turn for the good. I finally decided to be happy and allow myself to thrive in the gift known as life. Today, October 4, 2018 at 5:43 AM I am happy and full of life. I have been happy and full of life. I adore my family and they adore me. I am present in their life as I am in theirs. I am in love with my little family, to include my two boys, who are our fur babies; Thumper, who is a Lionhead bunny and Max, who is a Yorkshire terrier. I am truly blessed to be a part of my wife and daughter’s life and the two fur babies running around our house. I am so grateful to have my little family and thankful they accepted me and believed in me even when I could not. As I began my journey to my higher-self, I started to believe in myself. I started to write my future. My mindset would be the blueprints of my future.   I am the owner of my business, which I operate. I am a musician and a blogger. I have been blogging everyday as it is another actionable thing to help me reach a higher-level of Livity. I believe in a higher power and I believe that I am the keeper of my future. I have been blessed with the gift of life and I have the power of choice. I choose to no longer shackle myself. I choose to let myself be free and to unlock my mind allowing my inner being to thrive. I choose to not have external influences define my boundaries. As the reader, I want you to take a moment and analyze your life. What aspects of your life are you shackling yourself to your own walls of self-doubt? What are the external influences keeping you from breaking your chains? What actionable things are you doing every day to take a step towards your success? As I wrote in my previous blog, success is subjective, which means you define what success means to you. Change your conscious mind and your sub-conscious mind will follow. However, you must rid the negativity from your life. If you are hanging out with people who are constantly negative and unhappy, then you need to evaluate if those types of people are influencing your life in a negative manner. If they are, you must make the hard decision and walk away. I lost many of so-called friends, because of my decision to no longer put myself in a position where I am still vulnerable to negativity. If they are truly your friends, they will respect your decision and still be around. Surround yourself with positivity and allow yourself time to heal from years of negative energy. Realign your path to your positive world. Allow yourself to be free and have positive energy radiating throughout your body out to your world. As time goes on, your world will open up and vibrant colors of life shall appear. Your two-dimensional world will become three-dimensional allowing you to experience your successful future through conscious thought without having to be physically present. Your five senses will be used to experience your future and be as real as if it has already taken place. You will be the author of your own story writing your future. Be free and be the author of your own book.