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My Spark of Light

I made some changes in my life to reach the next level to my higher-self. I changed my perception of life. I changed it by having a simple thought of peace and positivity. My simple thought would be a spark to light up my darkness long enough, giving me time to navigate my way. My light would eventually come.

In my darkness I searched for some sort of light to illuminate my path. I struggled to find something to hold on to, I needed something or someone to guide me in my darkness. After searching for a way out and navigating through the darkness, I felt as if I was going round in circles. No matter how difficult the journey through my darkness was, I never gave up and continued to fight my way out. I realized that I put myself there, I can get myself out.

I became my own light and illuminated my way. I realized that no one could help me unless I helped myself first. I had to change my perception on the situation I was in. I started making changes that was seemingly impossible for me at the time. I changed how I viewed myself. I began to accept the things I have done and accepted the things I have experienced. I realized that I cannot change my past, but I can create a new life and a new reality.

I created my new life and reality. I began with self-love. In order for me to do this, I had to forgive myself. I am not a monster, I am human. I moved past my anger and hatred for myself. I started to love me and everything that is me. I cannot fully explain how it feels to be free of my own mental imprisonment, but it is similar to the feeling of the ocean breeze touching my face. It is like the morning sun rays touching my skin. It is like when the little hand of my daughter holds mine. It is an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness.

My world of peace would open up and once I was able to truly love myself, I was able to love others. This created a new path for me. I was walking through a path that was leading me to my higher-self. I continued my journey and made more changes. I chose to no longer consume animals or the by-products. I chose to live a vegan lifestyle for spiritual purposes. I do not press my views upon others, nor do I pass judgment for those who consume animals and the by-products. It is not for me to judge.

I do my best to not pass on judgement to others for their views or actions. I realized that I only judged other people, because I was actually judging myself and I was insecure with who I was. I made that change as well and I do my best to accept people’s views and actions. Judgement is not for me, because I am imperfect. As I continue to grow in my spirituality I learn to let go of most things that no longer serve me.

It has been a long journey for me from when I started, however it was all worth it. The life I have is a blessing. I feel blessed to have this opportunity, through life, to spread positive energy to the world. I want to share my positive energy and my light. My spark became light.