Communicate With Energy

I enjoy conversations where I can connect on a higher frequency with someone. Just as one would have with his or her best friend(s) or a conversation with a significant other and family members. I believe we are meant to be compassionate and social beings. Somewhere a long the line we are losing our social connection with one another and communication is becoming more on the surface.  

I have a handful of people who interact with me on social media and we share positive energy. I do not know these people personally, but I do know their energy. I appreciate them. You know who you are as you are reading this [I appreciate your energy connection and unconditional positivity]. Social media has turned into zombie-like interactions with people. Most of the profiles I encounter or contact me on social media are programs that are running the person’s profile. In another instance is a person hired to operate the person’s profile. Communicating with energy is being lost and turning into a battle of Who Has The Most Followers and Likes. For instance, I receive many friend requests [MANY!!!] and once I follow back, immediately I am unfollowed by that profile. This is a technique used to gain more followers. I find this to be a bit odd. It makes me wonder what is humanity coming to. Is this the future of social media? I thought social media was created to connect with other people near and far from other places of the world. Communication is key to our existence in harmony and peace. How many times has a text message or an e-mail get misinterpreted due to a contextual error that was written poorly? I think it happens quite often. Effectively communicating is key to sharing positive energy. Positive energy must be shared using the heart-mind coherence. Energies must align. When I communicate with anyone I share my positive energy. Even if the energy from the other person is negative or faint, I am strong enough to share my energy in hopes to connect on a higher frequency. I enjoy conversation where I can share my energy and it is reciprocated back from the other person(s). Life is about love and compassion and not hate. Even if the energy is shared through other forms of communication, such as text messaging, e-mails, and direct messaging. We can still share our energy to the other person(s). I was talking to my best friend through text and we are realizing that his departure from his current city to about eight hours away in another city is coming up quickly. We discussed our future plans with our music. We discussed logistical strategies to move forward with our music and we are both excited for the new chapter in our book of music. This could easily turn into “well, you are going to be too far away” type of story, but we are going to make the best of it. Our frequencies and positive levels of energy even emit through our text messages and other forms of communication. It is our conscious thought and levels of positivity that are allowing us to vibe on a higher level. I had a conversation with my a person the other day and I can tell there was some sort of internal pain and disconnect from energy. I listened as the person spoke. I empathized about how that person feels and is feeling. I try to empathize with the struggles that person is having. I shared my energy and I can immediately tell, identifying through body language, that the person’s energy levels were raised. I connected on an higher frequency with this person. About a few months ago, I was approached by a man who appeared to be homeless and he was holding a bucket of water in one hand and a squeegee in his other hand. He offered to wash my car in turn for some food. I responded to him he does not need to wash my car. I bought him something to eat and to drink, I also gave him my bottle of water so he may have more to drink. He was so happy and his positive energy was raised. We spoke briefly, but the conversation, although short, was impactful. It was impactful to my being and spirituality. I connected with him, accepted him, and showed him kindness into my realm of positivity as a lion would care for his pride [family of lions]. He given me something that money cannot buy. He shook my hand and placed his other hand on my shoulder and shared his positive energy with me. I will never forget the energy he shared with me and how he impacted my day. Life is about love and compassion. Life is about being human and living in a positive world. Do something nice for someone, even if it is a simple meaningful smile. That smile is an impactful form of energetic communication. Be kind to one another and listen to each other. Share energies and unite so may we live in peace and harmony. Communicate With Energy. 

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