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Lion Among Men

A positive mind will create a positive life. Focus on the good and see the positive light. Be the good amongst evil and be the love amongst hate. Emit your positive energy. It may seem intimidating to go up against people who are extremely difficult. When I say difficult I mean in the context of the person having a strong personality. I have the pleasure of being around very strong personalities for most of my life. From the outside looking in, it seems almost like being the gazelle surrounded by a pride of lions. I have been asked on different occasions, “how can I be around those people?” or “how do you handle them?” and some have even commented “you’re a better man than me” [obvious sarcasm from the other party]. I do not think of the situation as I am in a bad one. I do not see myself as a gazelle surrounded by a pride of lions, I see myself as the LION. The lion symbolizes strength, courage, and rules the land of its own kingdom. The lion has many other great attributes and symbolisms, so be the lion when handling a difficult person or situation. Have the strength and courage to head on the negative people or situation. Be the positive light. I do not mind difficult people, because they are a human beings just like me. They have blood running through their veins just as I do. What makes me anymore different than them? I value life and although it may seem that people are difficult, they are simply just people, a beautiful and mystical human being. My outlook in life is not of negativity, but I am viewing the world through a positive lens. I control my thoughts and my thoughts become my reality. My focal point is not on the bad of humanity, but the good humans can be. I realize that human beings are social beings. Social acceptance is a natural attribute and it may drive people’s actions in some instances. People know what they are doing, however may be blindly driven by a thought, which is their own perception. The way one perceives a situation is just that, his or her own perception. Having a positive outlook in life, generally speaking, stems from having positive thoughts. The positive or negative thought is what drives people. The thought then calls for emotional receptors to come into play and it goes from there. If a person is having a negative thought, than the body is stressed causing a physical reaction in one’s self. Adrenalin surges throughout the body to prepare for a fight or to runaway. “Fight or flight” mode is the terms commonly used. Having a positive thought has an internal physical reaction to one’s self too. A person having a positive thought is at ease and the body is not stressed. Positive hormones, such as serotonin, flows throughout the body and makes a person feel good. This can be controlled with a constant positive mind, which creates a positive outlook in life. We are naturally positive beings, but what happened is: some have conditioned their being to be in a constant state of stress. One must overcome the negative mentality by letting go and allowing oneself to be positive. It starts with a positive mind. Find a positive focal point and hold to it. Let the light inside become brighter till it eventually radiates through your every being. Be a lion among men. I am a LION.