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The Impact of Music: I am Me

The impact that Music has had in my life has been an amazing and positive guide for me. As I sit right now in my chair writing my next blog, I am listening to an instrumental (piano) classical music album. I enjoy the sounds of the piano along with stringed instruments to carry the notes from the piano. It sounds so peaceful to me. Music has had an enormous impact to my physical and internal state of being. As I listen to the piano move through the different pitches of the musical notes it relaxes me and helps me to have an open mind. I am able to relate with music in a spiritual sense. I listen to the pitches of the notes and I can focus and visualize it as sound waves. It is a mental focal point for me to reach a level of peacefulness in tranquility. I have always heard music and decided which songs were my favorite. When I was younger I would hear my favorite songs on the radio and I would like to play the similar notes on the piano to replicate the pitches I just heard. When I was younger I found tranquility in music. As time went on I lost my connection to music. I joined the military and I suppose I lost my innocents there. My young mind was exposed to events and incidents that I could not comprehend so my mind would shut off. At that point I was solely just going through the motions instilled in me through vigorous training. I was weaponized. I lost who I was. I was going through the motions no longer thinking for myself and the peacefulness in my internal being had been seemingly replaced with robot-like attributes. My emotional connections were disconnected and replaced with a barbaric mentality. I was trained to survive and push forward any hostile event that may occur. I had no fear of “death”, because it was instilled in me that it was honorable to die in the battlefield. Of course, now this thought sounds ridiculous and I would never teach anyone this. It took me along time to get out of this mentality. I had to rewire my brain. I did this by searching for internal being and finding that moment when I was still innocent. Music was my answer. I would listen to songs of my childhood. My brother and I would be in the back seat of the car while my mom drove us to wherever we were going. Our favorite song would come on and my brother and I would sing along. I find that place so I held on to it. This led me out of this abyss of darkness. Music had sparked a glimpse of brightness and gave me a direction to head. I had to relearn how to think. I had to search for my inner being. I had to reinvent myself, because I was no longer that innocent young kid I used to be. I was broken apart and had to put myself back together again. Music helped me do this. I would no longer hear the music, but I would listen to music, relating to it as the sound waves enter my being. I would listen to music that is good for my soul. I listened to music that healed me and portrayed a positive message. I was healing. I got to the point that I wanted more. I found a blueprint of me. I reinvented myself with it. I realized that those moments where I was lost does not define me. I am not that person anymore. I have become weightless in the positive vibrations and moved along with the musical sound waves. I began to glow with positivity and my mindset was no longer of this weaponized robot-like human being. I was Me again. I am Me.