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Energetic Connection

I am energetically in tuned with other people and Mother Earth. I sense the energy from my surroundings. I feel connected as I roam this beautiful Earth. I recognize the positive and negative energy from people. I have opened my mind and my internal being to these energies and I am learning to translate the messages I have been receiving. I can sense the energy in my surroundings, it’s just as a person would enjoy a walk in the woods, smell the trees, and flowers in the air. It may be equivalent to that. A person may feel at ease in the woods surrounded by the botanic vibrations. Or the person may sense the freedom as he or she walks along the beach. It’s the energetic connection from smell of the ocean breeze and the freshness of the air. These are all human enjoyments that we can connect on a deeper level. We are energetically vibrating with Mother Earth. Let’s recognize these senses in people. Another example of energetic connection is when we experience that “gut feelings” and it is too overwhelming to ignore. For instance, meeting somebody for the first time and immediately a positive connection is made. It is the beginning of a life-long friendship. I recognize these energies, whether positive or negative and I am learning to translate the meanings. Yesterday, I sensed an energetic connection. It was too overwhelming to ignore. I typically recognize energies of positivity or negativity, however I feel like this person needed my help and was reaching out to me. Words in this instance was not being used, however I sensed it. I have been around this person before and I usually sense a negative energy, not in a bad sense, but in a lonely and dark place sense. I have sensed that this person is struggling internally and does not know how to get out of the darkness. I have personally felt this type of energy before within myself, so I recognize it. I typically do not like to intervene myself in other people’s problems. I mean, I am always an open ear, but I do not interject myself to help unless asked. Yesterday, I felt connected to this person and I felt the same pain and darkness, although it was not coming free me, but it was from this person. I always greet people with a nice handshake, or if I know a person and he or she knows me, I always give a hand shake to include a hug. I do this so I may transfer my energy to that person. I greeted this person and gave a firm handshake and a hug, I was embraced longer than normal. I was not uncomfortable, but I sensed an different energy from the usual. The energy I felt caught my attention and me and this person began conversation. It was simply small talk, but I was receiving an energetic message. It seemed like it was a need for help. This person kept gravitating towards me and of course I welcomed it. It is surprising, because it was like this person sent me this message knowingly. The energy was surprisingly powerful and I was intrigued by it. Of course this instance needs to be handled delicately, because I could be wrong. Often times I am not, but I am still cautious of how I approach things as I do not want to offend anyone. I will let the energies guide me. I invited this person to join my family and I to a weekend lunch. I was surprised of the excitement I received. I am excited to gain, hopefully, a new found friendship that is deeper than a simple “hi and bye”. I enjoy real friendships and spreading positivity. Everyday I try to make a positive impact in someone’s life and to the world. I am energetically connected.