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Be Free

Freedom is more than having rights and liberties established by man-made laws. What about internal freedom? I have fell victim to my own mental prison and shackled by my hate. True freedom is within; come to thine higher-self. I have been so lost that my hate has consumed every aspect of my life. I was consumed by a seemingly overpowering being. That being was created by me. We are a mystical creation, so great not even the world’s top scientist has uncovered every aspect of our being. It is still unknown the true powers and capabilities of human beings. The mental prison I created was so great that it was seemingly impossible to infiltrate and destroy it within. The challenges I overcame to break the walls of my own internal prison has been a task. Before I could handle the task of chiseling my way through the walls of my own prison, I needed to unshackle myself. I needed to free myself of hate and anger. My rage consumed me that I could not even see that I was my own key keeper. I could have released myself from my own prison at any moment. It was not until I realized my own capabilities and power that I was in complete control. I was in control of the situation the entire time during my mental imprisonment. I unshackled myself from the walls of hate and broke through the doors of anger. I did not escape my prison, I demolished it. I destroyed the walls and freed my being. I am free.