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It seems this week my peace has been tested time after time. It gets a bit overwhelming and is emotionally draining. I was not treated very nicely a few days ago. My peace was threatened by someone’s actions [who’s name and details will not be disclosed to protect their (sic) identity; it will have no impact to the value of this blog] and I experienced the instinctual desire to defend myself verbally, which I did not. I want to share my experience(s) with the readers of this blog, because I think it may be of value when encountering overwhelming negative energy. This week has been an amazing week and I have learned many lessons from it. This week my peace was challenged and threatened by outside sources, such as people and the energy they bring forth. In one incident I encountered this week is with a person, which I have multiple experiences in being around. I know what to expect so I prepared myself and wore the proper metaphoric armor. The day of my experience(s) with this individual, the first part of the day was going fairly well, until it did not. I was able to maneuver with this person and even share some positive moments. I did not avoid this person, but I consciously radiated my positivity and shared my energy. There it was...this person was seemingly impacted by the stress involving the day and I was in the line of sight. I took the hit and I could feel my internal being absorbing the impact. I was verbally abused and was demeaned by this person on more than one occasion. It was a constant blow after blow, I held to my faith and although I was physically there with the person, I focused on furthering into the quantum realm and I was successful. I kept my positivity high and rebuked the negative energy that was brought forth to me. Moments later, I was confronted face-to-face with the individual and the person attempted to start another battle with me; I was ready. I focused my being furthering into the state of peacefulness. The storyline turns as the individual seemed to be humbled and changing verbal aggressiveness into a conversation attempting to validate the actions disguising it as life lessons. Unbeknownst to the individual, I was emitting positive energy. Finally the storm has ended and the sun arose with the person’s departure. After the storm I consciously lifted my being higher and saw my reflection. That reflection was not me, but it was of a Lion. I felt proud. I am not justifying this individual’s behavior, however I do not know of the internal battles that are being fought. This person may be experiencing something that is too much to handle alone. If taking that negative energy and rebuking it, converting it into positivity to be this person’s saving grace, then so be it. I shall lead no person into darkness. I have seen my reflection. I am a King. I am a Lion.