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Positive Mind, Positive Life

Everything that I do I ensure it is positive energy for my spiritual being. I try to eat only foods that will nurture my body and I do not partake in the consumption of alcohol beverages. Music is influential to my spiritual being as Music can tap into my subconscious mind. My spiritual growth and well-being is crucial so I may obtain a higher level of consciousness. I do so by only consuming positive energy. I used to eat foods that was not healthy for me. I ate just to eat and to satisfy a deep hidden pain that I carried in my heart and soul. Overeating unhealthy foods led me to gain weight. I used food-like items to make me feel better, but it was causing me to go deeper into my own abyss of depression. I changed this by making a conscious decision to take my life back and to be in complete control. I drastically changed my eating habits and diet. I made a conscious decision to no longer consume animal flesh, to include the flesh of fish and honey from bees. I do not agree with the way the animals are treated and how their lives are taken to satisfy industries and stakeholders for monetary gain. I believe this is inappropriate and the negative energy associated with it still remains; this is my opinion and my opinion only. MI do not judge others for consuming animal products nor do I push my ideologies upon others. It is not for me to judge. I used to drink alcohol and drank it to reach the point of intoxication. I drank to ease my internal pain. The negative thoughts, the continuous feeling of loneliness, sadness, and anger would only be eased during my state of intoxication. This led to a greater depression and further sent me to a lower state of being. I changed this behavior. I have turned to my faith and became passionate doing so. An important aspect of my faith is to take a vow. I vowed to no longer consume alcohol, because it is poison for my body and soul. I do not consume Kombucha, which is a fermented beverage containing the slightest trace of alcohol. Alcohol or like items will not enter my body. The music I listen to is peaceful music. I love symphonies, especially classical one. My favorite is “Canon in D Major”. I absolutely love it. I have heard Canon in D Major as a solo piano and I even heard it turned into a rock-metal version with an electric violin, which I thought was genius. It’s sounded pretty awesome. Music is amazing, because it can heal one’s being. Music has saved me and has been an integral aspect of my spiritual journey. A positive life is key to my happiness. I ensure to only consume energy that will promote positivity. I eat healthy whole foods and drink plenty of water and teas. I consume items of the Earth, because I believe doing so allows me to vibrate on the same energetic frequency. A positive life is a positive mind. A positive mind is a positive life.