What is the Difference?

My good friend asked me to blog about the difference between vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based. I will do my best to help clear the confusion between the differences. There are many different names out there to describe how a person eats and it gets a bit confusing. No matter what diet you may choose, pick the one that is best for you. So the way I view this whole naming of diet thing, is that it was created to help people create a point of reference on what to eat and not to eat. From my observations, most of the time people want to be associated with something to feel like a part of a group. Is it okay to have a specific name for what a person eats or identifies with, but do not fall into a the trap of hidden agendas. What I am saying is this, it is much easier to control people who are divided and to push a hidden agenda appealing to all the human needs of feeling part of a group. Basically, do not think too much into it. Choose the right diet for you and remember, just because it is good for you, it may not be good for someone else. What is a vegan diet? Well, vegan extends past than just a diet, it is a lifestyle. The person who chooses a vegan lifestyle abstains from consuming, using, and wearing animal products and animal by-products. There are moral beliefs attached to the decision in living a vegan lifestyle. In the most basic explanation, if an animal was harmed or killed than the product will not be consumed, worn, or used. The vegan lifestyle also extends to not consuming honey. It is because of how most honey industries extracts honey from the bees. Choosing a vegan lifestyle is a peaceful protest, not to be confused with activism. Activism is the causation of grouping people who push a belief and take physical action to include violence to destroy operations and industries. However, there are peaceful ways of doing this. Just stop buying the product. If there is no need for the product there is no demand. It is fine to educate people about the vegan lifestyle, however people are not going to hear you when they are not ready to listen. The vegan lifestyle is a personal choice and should not be pushed onto someone else. What is a plant-based diet? A plant-based diet is a diet consuming whole foods, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and legumes. A plant-based diet is the consumption of minimally processed foods and cooked foods. For the most part, only raw whole foods is consumed. A vegetarian diet has seemingly turned into a general name of diets with sub categories such as pescatarians (eating no animal flesh, however fish is acceptable), and ovo-lacto vegetarian (consumes eggs and milk, but not the flesh of animals to include fish). There are many sub-categories on the vegetarian diet. Pescatarian and ovo-lacto seems to be the most common diets. There are many names and categories and types of diets. I hope this clears up the ones that cause the most confusion. Remember to not get so wrapped up in beliefs. People have the right to choose how they consume food. If you choose to protest, protest peacefully. 


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