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Sinking Ships

I just read an amazing quote and it is a quote that I have heard my wife say before. “Ships don’t sink because of water around them. Ships sink because of water that gets in them.” (Author Unknown). I read this quote and the words paint a perfect picture of how negativity can impact a person’s peace.  

I have read this quote a few times and every time I read it, it gains greater value, because of different life instances and obstacles that I have been through and I am going through. I enjoy this quote, because the arrangement of words describe what can happen if one allows negativity to threaten his or her peace. When I think of a sinking ship, as cheesy as this may be, I think of the Titanic. The story is known for the sinking of a seemingly unsinkable ship. In this specific quote and the reference of the Titanic, the ship is the person (you and me) and the water represents negativity of some sort, which could be a negative person. As the ship is designed to stay afloat in the water, it can still be sunken if there is even the tiniest hole in its structure caused by a puncture. The structure surrounding the hole will weaken, thus eventually allowing more water in. The more water that enters the ship, the greater the chance the ship will sink. As I maneuver through my journey I am faced with obstacles. Those obstacles can be difficult people or difficult situations. I stay afloat by ensuring my outside armor maintains its structure. I do not allow negativity into my life. I stay focused on my path. As the ship is designed to stay afloat in the water, we are designed to be in positivity and we thrive in a positive environment. Take notice how an operation can crumble from one negative person. It spreads like wildfire. Instead of being part of the negative problem, why not be a part of the positive solution. I do my best to try and be the positive solution, because just as negativity can spread, so can positivity. The good will overcome the bad. Be positive and remain afloat. Check on the structure of your being and ensure there are no structural deficiencies. Identify a weakened area in the aspect of your positivity and tend to it before the damages are great and your ship sinks. Ships do not sink because of the water around it, ships will sink because of the water that gets in it (author unknown).