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I Am Better Than Okay

This has been an amazing three days at the Dry Diggings Festival in Placerville, California. My family and I spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday here and we are leaving today (Monday late morning). I have reached another level of consciousness and I am overwhelmed by the positive experiences and emotions I am feeling over it. It seems like this festival is turning out to be somewhat of a tradition for my family, my best buddy and his wife. Dry Diggings is an all around great place with positive energy. There’s quite some bit of time to chill out and hang out with friends before the bands start playing. This year the bands get on stage later in the afternoon, versus late mornings. So the morning times and early afternoon is the time to relax and vibe with family and friends. This year my family and I stayed in a hotel and my buddy and his wife took their RV as they have been doing every year. It worked out great, because my daughter and wife spent a majority of the time near the pool. My daughter loves being in the pool, even more so since the heat seemed a bit unbearable. Last night was the last night of music festival and SOJA was the closing act. They were scheduled to play live at 10:10 PM which worked out great, because I met up with my buddy at his RV around 5 PM or so to play music. We both brought our guitars and played some tunes, this is what we normally do. We’re both musicians so we like to play music together. My buddy, like me, has an amazing story to tell, but I will let him tell it when he is ready to. It’s amazing to see how far we both came musically and spiritually. Yesterday, the conversation came up about coming to an epiphany after a horrific and difficult event that one would experience. My buddy, his wife, and I were sharing stories and I was remembering about the specific events in the military. I shared a couple stories that I have not thought of in a while. My memory of it was a bit fuzzy, but I was able to share it. I very rarely speak of the military, because I just do not like talking about it. I used to associate my military experience with negativity and darkness, but as I was sharing it, my mind stayed calm and I was emotionally intact. I was surprised by the fact that I was not crumbling inside, nor displaying signs of emotional pain or distress. I was okay, in fact I was better than okay. I was absolutely fine. This is huge for me, because in the past I could not even think of the military, let alone talk about it without being an emotional mess. I was absolutely 100% better than okay. My vibes were high and I was still elevated to my higher-self. I knew my mindset I was better than okay, because I could feel my positivity emitting from my internal being, however I have never tested it. It was all theory up until yesterday evening during the time we were sharing stories related to epiphanies. I feel like I have advanced higher to another level of my spirituality. I am ecstatic that I was able to speak of a difficult time and not be impacted by the memories. I am living in the now and not the past. The Dry Diggings Festival this year has been another positive experience. Associating myself with positive people and experiences has led me to a higher state of consciousness. I feel like I have accomplished so much in my short time that I have been journeying. My past does not define me, I am doing just fine. I am better than okay.