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I Am Powerful

Life is amazing. Sometimes we need a reminder how precious and beautiful life is. I hope this specific blog that you are reading now can be your reminder that you are not alone. There are endless possibilities to a beautiful life that is seemingly unobtainable. This blog is for someone who is reading it and needs a reminder that you are not alone. I am on this uphill climb to my higher-self. I have met amazing people, I have accomplished some amazing things. I have connected to a higher frequency of being. I am emitting positive energy and I am energetically powerful. I have written about my past before, but I think it is important to continue to tell my story even if it is redundant. My past is filled with darkness and emptiness. I was alone and on the verge of taking the next step to end my pain. Yes, I went through a point where I no longer wanted to live. I looked at the opposite end of my shotgun. I was ready. I was scared, however in my mind the quick way out would have been the end of my internal pain and the constant memory of specific events. It’s like watching the same horror film over and over, never being able to turn it off. I was in the military and deployed to a war torn country. The memories of my deployment seemingly burned in my mind and the specific fabricated memory of my brother’s mangled, lifeless body would no longer be a thought in my mind. I say fabricated, because I was not actually there to see his passing, however my mind created a short memory that would constantly play in my head. The sounds of war would no longer be...it would end. The high-pitched constant ringing would no longer be in my ear. It is an annoying sound that never goes away. The anxiety caused by my military experience during my deployment would never let me go. I remember sleeping on an a small bench that belonged to a war torn Light Armored Vehicle. At first it was difficult to sleep with the sounds of bullets and explosions as background noise, but it would become my norm for the next few months. All of this would all go away if I pulled the trigger. Taking the quick way out seemed to be the answer to end my pain. I did not follow through that path, because my friend came and he unknowingly saved me that night. From there on I would intoxicate myself to alleviate my pain. At the time, I did not know what was worse, the internal thoughts or the constant ringing in my ear. Still this day I have this high-pitched ringing in my ear that stays and makes it difficult to hear. Sometimes it is so bad that I cannot help but to fixate on the sound. It has been getting better since my journey to my higher-self. It is still there, but I consciously choose to ignore it and more or less accept it. I am a music producer and I do mixing and mastering, so I need my ears to hear and monitor music. Sometimes it makes it difficult to monitor music, because of the constant ringing, but it has been a blessing in disguise. It makes me check my work and work extra hard, in terms of monitoring music for production and mastering purposes. My friends, or person who is reading this, I am here to tell you that no matter how difficult your life may seem, it WILL get better. You just need time to heal and the proper support system. If any of you need to hold on to someone or need help to get out of your dark hole, I am here to help. You can reach out to me. You can contact me through numerous social media sites, you can contact me through email. Reach out to someone for help. Do not give up. You can easily find me by simply googling “Rooted Kingdom” and clicking on one of those links to my social media sites and give me a “Direct Message”. Or you can e-mail me at “rootedkingdom@gmail.com” I know what it is like to be alone in a dark place. If you have no one, or if you feel comfortable enough to talk to me please do. Do not give up. If you need someone to listen, I will listen. Do not give up. I am currently in a place of peace and happiness. I am here because I choose to be here. I created my new found world of peace. I control what is in my mind. I control what I am feeling. My mind is powerful. I am powerful. I look at my beautiful family, my wife is an amazing person and my daughter is a is beautifully wonderful. She is so beautiful in all aspects. My life is beautiful. It is beautiful because I allow it to be. I created my life and I am writing my story. You can do the same. You can create a new life, by simply changing your thought process. Find a shining light, even as so little as a spark. Follow that light till it becomes bigger and bigger. Grab a hold of a positive memory. Create a positive thought and hold it. Kneel to your higher being. Raise your hands to your higher-being. Or do what ever it takes to get to your higher-self. Do what it takes to strip away your old self. Create your new reality be simply letting go of your past. Do not let your past define you. You define you. Be your own light in the realm of darkness. I am here today because I created my new reality. I created my own path that was seemingly not there. I walked in a different direction from where I was headed. I am here, alive and well. My mind is powerful. I am powerful.