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Today is a Good Day

Today is a good day. We are heading to Placerville, California to a music festival called Dry Diggings. We have been going every year since 2016 and it has been good vibes! I tend to wake up every morning with the same attitude and positivity. I always tell myself every morning that I will have a good day. This to ensure I have the best day ever. Every day is my best day ever. Today is really exciting, because my wife, daughter, and I, along with my best bud and his wife are going to the Dry Diggings Festival. This festival is so much fun. There are good people, good music, and just an all around good time. I do not typically like being in a place where there are many people, because sometimes things can get out of hand. We have been going since 2016, this will be our third year going. Every year it has been fun and exciting. I have met some really nice people at this festival. I enjoy being around like-minded people and to top it off, there is always great music. The first time I went in 2016 I was still coming to my higher-self. I was not where I would like to be internally, however attending Dry Diggings would help open my eyes to attending festivals with like-minded people. I remember when I first went to Dry Diggings in 2016 I was tense. My best buddy invited me and I was hesitant, because I know how I am. I had just competed in the body building championships in San Jose so I was feeling pretty good about myself, so I felt I would be okay at Dry Diggings to be around all those people. In the San Jose Championships, I was around a huge group of people that were intense, so I figured how much worse can Dry Diggings be. I built up the nerve to go, so my family and I went. It was so much fun. The energy was positive, the people was positive, it was a fun time. I really enjoyed myself. We have been going every year since then. It has kind of became a tradition for us. I was afraid to come out of my safe place, but when I did I realized that if I never had came to Dry Diggings I would have missed all the great opportunities to meet amazing people. I would not have been as far as I am in my journey today. After competing in the San Jose Championships, it has opened my world to be confident. I enjoy going to Dry Diggings every year and it is because I gained the confidence in myself. Sometimes I tend to hold myself back due to lack of confidence and there is no reason to. I would miss all these amazing things that I have experienced in a short amount of time. I opened my mind to try new things and to take risks. I am enjoying my new founded life. It is like I have a second opportunity to make my life amazing. Today is a good day.