A Peaceful Mind Leads to a Peaceful Life

A peaceful mind leads to a peaceful life. Being in a state of peace attracts positivity. The energy that I put out into the world is essential for my inner being. Allowing myself to stay at peace internally is translated to my physical actions. I am at peace. I am at peace with who I am and what others may be. I am at peace with my past, because my past does not define who I am today. I am at peace with my future, because I have the power to write my story. I cannot control other people and their actions that may impact my story, but I can control my inner being. At this moment it is difficult for me to pick out a negative aspect in my life, because I am not dwelling in thoughts of one. Its almost odd to not have something in my life that is negative, because it seems it’s part of the societal norm to be somewhat dysfunctional. I mean this, there are many instances to pick from where one can be unhappy and angry. Maybe one could be unpleased with the local government and its decision impacting the business owner. Or it could be something as common as the person not liking his or her job and it causing a chain reaction of negativity. There are many factors in this world for one to be in a state of negativity. However, we can control how we respond to it. Sometimes doing nothing is doing something. Let me clear that last sentence up. If there is a negative action brought to me or in my general being, I have the power to not react to it by being in an internal state of peace, which will allow me to react purposefully in that moment. Consciously read the following sentence which is a common thought or statement among many. “My co-worker is purposely making my job more difficult...” This sentence is a perception of the person. What if the “co-worker” has no idea that he or she is doing so? We can change our outlook at specific situations and hold to a positive outlook. When I am presented with a difficult situation, such as the actions of a co-worker, I realize that he or she must be dealing with an on-going issue that is impacting their decision making. It’s a chain of events. I take notice that when I wake up and say “I am going to have a great day”, usually that is the case. I do not dwell on the negativity. Although I am presented with a negative action does not mean I respond with a negative one. It is all perception and how I perceive it. I get to decide how I respond. Sometimes doing nothing is doing something. That something is my internal being at a state of peace which then my energy flows to the outside world. As I sit in this moment I cannot think of a negative aspect in my life. That is my perception. I am going to have a great day. I am at peace.  

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