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Self confidence to move forward is what has helped my break through my chains. I would still be stagnant in my linear world moving only left and right. I would define myself and limit my own capabilities. As I move forward with Rooted Kingdom, I am making some of amazing connections with people. I am speaking to like-minded people who are artists, athletes, military people, and different people of a diverse path in their journey. I started to notice something truly amazing. I noticed people, although may have different paths, share at least one common thing in regards to their journey. They all just want to live and be successful in what they are doing or attempting to accomplish. I know most people want to be successful, but I never consciously thought about it. What I mean is, there is a limiting thought process, which is robotic and just “going through the motions” and then there is a conscious thought process, which involves evaluating a particularly action or event. It seems I was not the only one who struggled with a linear type of mentality limiting my own capabilities. Often times I would put a definition of what I can and cannot do, because of the fear of failing, judgement, and what others may say. I thought to myself, if I created my linear life defined by me, why can’t I create a multi-dimensional life moving in all directions. Why am I limiting my capabilities? When I am speaking to my new founded friends of all different walks in life, they are usually impressed of how I decided to change my life and started doing things, such as, my positivity, blogging, and operating my own business. I am able to connect with people and to have a meaningful relationship with them. It feels extraordinary to be connected with positive like-minded people. I see how we impact one another and feed off of each other’s energy. It’s truly amazing. I was speaking to my best friend. He was a little hesitant about something that directly involves him. When we were discussing business, I noticed he had unconsciously put a limit in his own capabilities and putting a definition on what he can and cannot do. I thought to myself, this looks familiar, because I used to do this. My good friend mentioned he is so proud of me and how I keep moving forward so effortlessly. I told him that it’s because I stopped putting a limitation on myself and I do not define my capabilities. I further explained that he is more than capable of accomplishing his role in relations to business. I told him only he defines himself. I saw the lightbulb in his head begin to illuminate. I said (still speaking about limiting ones capabilities) if that’s the case then [undisclosed artist] is not a real producer and he does not own his own record label. I further explained, then I too am not a real producer and my business is not a real record label. I explained I am a real producer and a real record label, because I am taking the necessary steps to move in that direction. I let that sink into his mind. I also mentioned, I am a producer and a record label, because I say I am. I tell myself I can do this. I do not limit my capabilities. I do not have a definition of what I can or cannot do. I just do it. I am confident. I can see that my best friend is at ease with his new role in our business agreement. I love seeing him grow and reaching his higher-self. I enjoy speaking with people and engaging in conversation that leads to us learning and growing from one another. I do not define my capabilities, I am limitless. We do not define our capabilities, we are limitless. I can break through my own chains that I have created and put on myself. I can accomplish my goals. We can accomplish our goals together. We only live in a linear realm if we create it, so why not live in a multi-dimensional realm moving all directions. We created our own limitations, we can define new limitless capabilities.