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Darkness is Absent of Your Light

I have been on a journey to my higher-self and I am blessed to be able to experience the wonderful things in life. It is almost unreal to see how far I have come and where I am at now. It is an incredible feeling to be alive and well. I have direction in my life and the mere fact that I control my future is exciting! I would never had a chance to experience this if I fell victim to my own sorrows. The lowest I have been was staring at the other end of my own shotgun barrel. It was going to happen, I was ready. I had just completed my service with the military, I was living in an apartment located in a less fortunate part of town, my first marriage was ending, my brother had just passed from injuries of war, and I was alone with no family and alone in my thoughts. My brother’s passing destroyed my family, the residue of war created hate which infiltrated its way into my family. It destroyed us. I was drowned in my own sorrows. It was too much for me. I shut everyone out of my life, I did not know what to do. I felt alone and defeated. I needed a way out. I needed a release from the pain and the darkness. At that point of my life, it was too much for me. Unbeknownst to me I heard a knock at my door. It was my friend (I lost contact with him more than 10 years ago and I do not want to use his name without his permission). I was surprised to hear the knocking at my door. Since I lived in a not so safe part of town it was not uncommon to have a weapon of some sort near by. I stayed quiet, because I was not expecting anyone. I heard a familiar voice call my name. I opened the door and there he was, an angel in form of my friend. I do not know if he knew that he saved my life that day. He just said he had this urge to come over and hang out. So we hung out. I do not think I would be here today telling my story if my friend would not have came over. I am alive and I have experienced things that was only a dream for me. I have reached my unreachable goals. It was only unreachable, because I told myself it was only a dream and not possible. No matter how hard this life may seem, never give up. Life has many hidden gems that must be found and it cannot be found unless it is looked for. One step at a time with one foot in front of the other. You are not alone. Have Faith.