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I Remembered

Yesterday I was reminded of a time from when I was young. My wife and I had a friend and her three kids come over. They spent the afternoon and evening with us. It was nice. I would listen as the kids were playing. The sounds of their laughter was refreshing. I started to remember. Ever since my tour of service in the military, to include time spent oversees caught between two nations at war, and the loss of my brother, due to violent acts of war, my memory has not been too well. Up until a year or so ago, I would cope with memories of my military experience oversees by completely shutting off my mind. I would purge my memories of those horrific events. I became so efficient at forgetting those memories that I unknowingly buried my memories from my childhood as well. Still the day, some of my childhood memories are still buried in my mind somewhere. Since I have been on my awakened journey, my memories have slowly been coming back to me. I can remember. Our friend came over early afternoon and she brought over her three kids, one girl and two boys. They are very good kids and I enjoy their company. As the three kids and my daughter saw each other they screamed in excitement. It was on. The laughters and screaming filled our house. It was joyous. It came time for dinner and the kids did not want to eat at the table, but on the floor. They wanted to eat in the second living room. So I put this blanket on the floor, that I used when I was younger. And there it was, a memory of me, my mom and my brother. I remembered how my mom would put the blanket on the floor for us where we all three sat and enjoyed our meal together. I had to hold back my emotions. I was feeling overwhelmed of joy. I have trouble remembering my brother’s face. When I saw his face as a little boy I was stunned in a moment seemingly to be in slow motion and lasting for minutes. It was like I time traveled back in time and watching that specific moment from an elevated position, like I was floating in the air. I watched from my vantage point as my mom laid the blanket on the floor and my brother and I sat waiting for our mom to sit so we may eat together. It was an amazing experience for me to remember this event with great detail. It made me smile. As I finished laying the blanket on the floor for the kids they each took a corner of the blanket and began laughing and talking. It was like a symphony to me. The sound of their little voices is splendid. I enjoyed our friend and her three kids visit to our home. It was nice to hear my daughter and the three kids play with one another. I enjoyed yesterday. I remembered.