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Leap of Faith

I was once afraid to pursue my dreams. I used to lay stagnant in a linear time realm. I was intimidated by judgement and failure. I did not posses the confidence to take that leap of faith. I always wanted to be a musician. I always imagined and thought how grand it would be to hear my voice on the radio. My societal norms and outside influences taught me that I had to get a “9 to 5” job in order to be successful, but first I needed working skills and the military would teach that. So I did as what was programmed in my young mind. It’s has been a wild ride. After the military I worked my job which I did not like, because I was not being fulfilled as a person. I slumped in a long-lived state of depression. My life spiraled out of control. My directional compass was not working. I was lost. I decided to pick myself up and begin my journey. I did not know where I was going, but I knew I did not like the place I was at. I made huge life changes, whIch led me on a spiritual path. Twelve years or so later I am still working, but it’s a different job and a different mindset. I climbed the ladder in my “career” but I was still not feeling fulfilled. I always pondered about being a musician. I took the leap of faith and I would start a band. I enjoyed being in a band, it was fun. This is when my love for music could no longer be contained, I needed something else. My band STUCK in Consciousness released our first album, it was fun. Then events led me to start a solo musical project, Rooted Kingdom. I released and album as Rooted Kingdom titled “Have Faith”. It was so much fun to compose, mix, and master my very own music. I needed more. I needed to launch Rooted Kingdom. My mind would race and the excitement of owning my business was overwhelming. I was nervous, but I came to far just to be the backseat driver of my life. I jumped in the driver seat and I took off. I took the leap of faith and I started my own music business. I had no idea what I was doing. I am learning as I go. I made a few mistakes, but nothing that I could not bounce back from. I am still currently working my full-time job, which is something I enjoy. I like the people I work with. However, music is my passion. My business is hard work, but I enjoy it. It’s a bit more difficult since I work full-time and I am running Rooted Kingdom as well. Rooted Kingdom is important for me to have. It’s my passion and I enjoy working and being my own boss. Second, this business can potentially be something I can pass to my daughter when she is older. Thirdly, I want my daughter to see that she does not have to settle for a job. She can do and be anything she wants. Rooted Kingdom is much more than a business for me. It is possibilities and it is something that I feel can truly impact people. I can impact a person’s life with music. With Rooted Kingdom, I can make real-life connection and life-long friendships. Rooted Kingdom is a record label that offers music composition and production. I want to help artist, new or established, create and promote awesome positive influential music. Music can unite people. Music can heal. If I never would have took my leap of faith in starting my own business, it never would have been. It’s is never too late. Although I was intimidated to run Rooted Kingdom, I am ecstatic of what my future holds. I am the one writing my story. And my story is this.