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Yesterday was a productive day for me and my business. Although it only appears I did a little bit of work, I feel accomplished as I was able to see my path clearly. Thanks to the help of the like-minded people in my life. 

I have an idea of what I want to do with Rooted Kingdom. I know for sure that it is a music business. I love music and I want to do something that I love. With music I am able to help people and connect with them. For me, and I am sure it is the same with others, music has been an outlet for me to express myself freely. It has helped me connect to my higher-self. Yesterday was huge for me. I usually seek advice from like-minded people, especially if it pertains to music. I have a small group of people that I communicate with on a daily basis. I usually look to my my wife Lucy Luz and my best friend Corby for advice. I am drawn to like-minded people and I notice that I connect easily with them. We have similar work ethics and similar beliefs. I enjoy speaking to them. In regards to my business Rooted Kingdom I have a clear idea, most of the time, of what I want to do. I am usually able to take the idea I have and move forward. Other times, I know what direction I want to go, but I have a problem defining it. I usually look to Lucy Luz and Corby for help and they usually have the answer or can point me in the right direction. Yesterday I was working on my business plan and I was stumped. I did not know how to portray my ideas on to paper. I was speaking to Corby and I was bouncing my ideas off of him and immediately he knew what I wanted. I was able to confidently move forward with my business plan and the direction I wanted to go. With Lucy Luz helping me with the proper terminology and Corby, giving me his advice, I was able to have a clear view of the direction from the path I was taking. Its intimidating having my own business. I told Corby, I want to start moving Rooted Kingdom in the direction of a Record Label as well as music production. I asked him what he thought. He stated, “you can do what ever you want, it’s your business.” I expressed that I was a bit nervous moving in that direction. Corby stated, “I am with you every step of the way and I will help you with whatever.” Lucy expressed the same and is very supportive. She has a way to communicate with me to put me at ease. I was able to bounce my ideas off of Corby. Lucy was able to help me translate my thoughts onto paper. She helps me use the proper terminology when creating my business plan. I appreciate their work ethic and their input. They are both always encouraging me. Those little moments mean the most to me. When I am struggling I can rely on positive people. I keep like-minded people near me. They keep me motivated and they are inspiring to me. Lucy Luz moves with confidence and ease and I feed off of her confidence. Corby has been my go-to person for advice pertaining to music. I am fortunate to have like-minded people in my life.