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Time can be stressful. For me I have associated time with a target completion time period. I always have to be on time and when the set time is approaching, I begin to stress. I have began the process of rewiring my brain to acknowledge time, but not have any real attachments. Let me explain.  

Time has always been a hassle for me. My thinking was (sometimes still is) I have to be on time. When I am working on a project or I have a target time completion and the timeframe of that set time comes close, I start to have an internal panic. This causes stress. Stress causes pain and in turn causes in internal disruption. In my past blog I state how powerful our minds are and I gave examples of it. With this knowledge of the power of my mind, I want to veer away from internal stresses so I may heal. I want to rid my body of negative energy. This starts with my mind. I think ponder to what time actually is. Does time even exist or is it a man-made measurement to keep track of specific events which are past, present, and future? Is time that important to me where I need to cause myself stress. Time is not real. Time only becomes real when I make it real. For me, viewing time as an unnecessary stressor is important for my health emotionally and physically. Knowing time is a man-made measurement eases my thought process and how I react to it internally. It would bother me when I set a time limit for a certain project and that time limit was not met, by either me or by the team I am on. A series of internal events start happening. My mind begins to race. I start going over contingency plans in my mind. I start imaging what would happen if set completion times or timelines are not met. My mind begins to work over time and then I start feeling the physical aspects of the stress. My chest tightens, my breathing is deeper, and my body temperature rises. My mind is focusing and dialing in to only a specific event or thing, otherwise known as tunnel vision. I am in the fight or flight mode, and there is no running for me. Adrenaline is running through my body I am ready for whatever. The problem with this is it is unnecessary. Constantly being in a fight or flight mode causes stress, which in turn may causes physical pain or illness. Time is not a real thing unless I make it a real thing. I acknowledge time and the benefits of it. However, time is a tool and nothing more. I give time no power of me. I refuse to allow time to shackle me, I will break those chains.